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How to Impress a Woman…Especially This Holiday Season



Richard Alan

Yes, diamonds… In my forty –five plus years in this trade I have only met two women who disliked diamonds, (one happens to be my wife!) a very small percentage indeed! Make her holiday very special with a gift that will dazzle her every day.

It’s that time of the year again and the island is buzzing with gift seekers of all ages. As expected my “Endless” line of luxurious leather bracelets and charms is off to a great start, and at $69 for a double bracelet and a charm that’s a good deal for a quality holiday gift.

The first ladies to see them were so impressed that they bought two, one they intended to give as a gift for a loved one and one for themselves!

So, besides the new endless line what’s hot this gift giving season? Speaking from my perspective,

I have been practically living in my workshop since Halloween, it seems like I see myself leaving when I come to the shop in the morning! My son and I have been straight out keeping up with demand for our special unique pieces we are renowned for, namely the gold & sterling Marco Bracelets, and our selection of gold & sterling Marco Angels are literally flying out of the shop this year. This includes the famous Marco Cat that we create in precious metals and in various sizes.

The most noticeable is the demand for nice quality and sizable diamond stud earrings. This is good news for the jewelry biz because in the past few years, really nice quality diamond jewelry sort of took a back seat so to speak, during the holidays. Now I am selling beautiful diamond studs and tennis bracelets, instead of explaining I don’t carry cheap low quality promotional bracelets or earrings.

Guys you have to be careful and don’t be duped by full page newspaper ads that claim super savings on bracelets or earrings. All you end up with is low quality junk diamond jewelry, and even worse a lady who would not be caught dead wearing them.

I already see ads spouting “two carat diamond earrings for $4,000”or less! Hmm?

Let’s break this down… shall we? Simple math tells me that each one carat diamond will cost you less than $2,000 each, not including the gold earrings to hold the diamonds. Any jeweler in the world will tell you that a one carat diamond that retails for $2,000 will be pretty much bottom of the barrel, absolute horrid color, and heavily flawed. The reason for this is any jeweler who calls himself a professional will not even carry this quality in his or her store. A nice quality one carat white diamond with minimal inclusions (eye clean) on either coast will most likely run you $7,500 a matched pair. Now mind you this is not gem quality, but I will be proud to sell this quality all day, but $7,500!!! To you, Ouch!

Now here is where it get interesting, clarity enhanced diamonds are a great alternative because of the miracle like process that improves the brilliance of the before included diamond, you save over 30% in costs. $5,000 – $6,000 Now those two carat diamond stud earrings for Milady are not so far out of reach.

To me it is a no brainer, for close to the same money for the small bad and ugly, you have a choice of two matched bright white clarity enhanced diamonds that are happier sparkling diamonds.

Got any questions? Come in I will be happy to show and explain the process in detail.

Three words… Sea life jewelry, this is a staple in every price range in my shop here on Marco Island every year, month or day it is always popular for locals and tourists alike, in gleaming gold or silver and two metal combinations in pendants or charms. The pieces represent our abundant wildlife, dolphins, turtles, manatees, even fish and fowl such as owls, eagles and even pelicans… you name the bird I probably have created a pendant!

Here in South West Florida we are so blessed with so much natural beauty, and folks have been collecting and showing off our precious metal creations for over twenty years now.

For him I have a new line on high quality money clips called M-Clips, they come in stainless steel or aluminum. Some can be engraved to make the gift really special, there are lots of carbon fiber and enamel designs and one is the actual surface of a golf ball and my favorite…Old Glory, the American flag.

Shop smart and shop local… Have a joyful holiday season, Happy Hanukah and a Merry Christmas to all!

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and owner of the Harbor Goldsmith located @The Island Plaza Next to Beall’s on Marco Island. 239-394-9275


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