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How To Impress A Woman: Especially During These Trying Times

All That Glitters

Submitted Photo | Mae West.

Mask her, glove her, wine her, dine her, call her, hug her, support her, hold her, surprise her, compliment her, smile at her, listen to her, laugh with her, cry with her, romance her, believe in her, cuddle her, shop with her, or lavish her with diamonds.

Yes, masks, gloves and diamonds… In all my years in this trade, I have only met two women who disliked diamonds. No wait, I stand corrected. After an incident in the shop three weeks ago, a gentleman told me his wife was perfectly content wearing her engagement ring without her diamond that she lost out of the setting, it now has four useless prongs that are now daggers that once held her precious one-carat diamond; she is still going to wear that! Please don’t shake my hand!

I have added that to my “I’ve Heard Everything” file.

Nevertheless, a very small percentage of women indeed! When we reopened in early May, the sales were amazing, and mostly by women buying something special for themselves. Maybe a well-deserved bauble for enduring six or so weeks with their significant other?

It’s that time of the year again, and everything is in low gear—restaurants are open, but some island folks still seem to be hesitant to dine inside. I’m still practicing safety measures in the shop and my customers are grateful of that, and the fact we are now fully open, my shop has been buzzing with locals and visitors alike.

My son and I have been straight out keeping up with the demand for our special unique pieces we are renowned for; namely, the gold and sterling Marco Bracelets, our selection of gold and sterling Marco Angels are literally flying out of the shop, This includes the famous Marco or Calusa Cat that we create in precious metals and various sizes.

The most noticeable is the demand for nice quality and sizable diamond stud earrings and small simple diamond pendants in three-prong settings, or with a sea life flair such as dolphins, starfish or sand dollars to name a few. This is really good news for me, besides the epidemic, the economy, and record unemployment… the last thing I expected was to be busy in June!

Another good note as I write this, the price of gold has been dropping from the all-time highs it was seemingly stuck at, so that will be a big relief to the industry if that trend continues.

It’s always a good idea to have your precious fine jewelry cleaned and examined to avoid stone or total loss because of worn or missing prongs or faulty clasps. I have replaced the loss of single diamond studs twice last month because of worn friction backs or screw backs. Luckily, they were insured!

If they are not tight when you put them on or off… your stud earrings need attention.

It’s also the time of the year where the heat and humidity tend to make your rings feel tighter than usual. My rule of thumb—no pun intended—if a squirt of Windex on the finger can help get them off and on, then leave them be and wait for cooler weather. If you can’t get them on or off with the Windex, you may have to enlarge the rings or lay off the bread and salty foods.

The ladies love diamonds, and the men who enjoy buying them for her love my clarity enhanced diamonds, a great alternative because the miracle-like process improves the brilliance of the before slightly included diamond. You save over 30% in costs. So large diamond stud earrings that normally cost $5,000 to $6,000 are $3,500 to $4,500. Now those two-carat diamond stud earrings for Milady are not so far out of reach, and now there is money left over for some new golf clubs or fishing tackle.

To me, it is a no brainer, for close to the same money for the small bad and ugly, you have a choice of two matched bright-white clarity enhanced diamonds that are happier sparkling diamonds.

Got any questions? Come in I will be happy to show and explain the process in detail.

Three words: Sea Life Jewelry, this is a staple in every price range in my shop here on Marco Island every year, month or day it is always popular for locals and tourists alike; in gleaming gold or silver and two metal combinations in pendants or charms. The pieces represent our abundant wildlife, dolphins, turtles, manatees, even fish and fowl such as owls, eagles, even pelicans—you name the bird, I probably have created a pendant!

Here in South West Florida, we are so blessed for so much natural beauty, and folks have been collecting and showing off our precious metal creations for over 25 years now.

Father’s Day is nearby, so for him, I have a new line on high-quality money clips called M-Clips. They come in stainless steel or aluminum, some can be engraved to make the gift really special, there are lots of carbon fiber and enamel designs and one is the actual surface of a golf ball and my favorite… Old Glory, the American flag. I now have personal jewelry that has laser-engraved photos of loved ones and even fingerprints you can add to a variety of pieces, a key chain the above-mentioned money clips, even a handy pocketknife.

At the Harbor Goldsmith, we take the pandemic very seriously, and have safety shields, practice distancing protocols and utilize U.V. lightboxes, steam cleaning to sanitize all incoming and outgoing jewelry and watches. Stay safe and enjoy the summer!

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and owner of the Harbor Goldsmith since 1994, located at Island Plaza Next to Beall’s Outlet on Marco Island. Phone Number: 239-394-9275. Website:


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