Saturday, December 4, 2021

How to Impress a Woman (Do It Right This Time!)



Richard Alan

Wine her,

Dine her,

Call her,

Hug her,

Support her,

Hold her,

Surprise her,

Compliment her,

Smile at her,

Listen to her,

Laugh with her,

Cry with her,

Romance her,

Believe in her,

Cuddle her,

Shop with her,

Lavish her with diamonds.


For His Eyes Only!


Heavens, yes! Gentleman, it’s that time of the year again! I know, I know you don’t want to hear it, but here’s my friendly and early heads-up warning. Just because you think you got away with giving her that sorry excuse-for-a-gift you presented her last Christmas.

Did you honestly think you got away with that?

Believe me you didn’t. So it may be time to really think this one out while there is still time.

It’s time for those of you guys who have been holding out purchasing the diamond or diamonds of her dreams, whether it is a beautiful pair of stud earrings, a diamond halo pendant or maybe the new two stone diamond ring; it will be an unavoidable promotional suggestion that will be on the TV every hour or so, and your wife or main squeeze will surely see it. You can thank the De Beers diamond cartel for that.

I can feel some of you squirming and uneasy about this subject, and the thought of you shelling out copious amounts of your hard earned greenbacks is as welcome as a mouth full of castor oil. I feel your pain, but in the long run, diamonds help check off a few of the above-mentioned list of things to do with her. And believe it or not, many of will you wind up feeling pretty good about it too.

It sure beats last year’s gift – an outlet store’s twelve-dollar wristwatch!

Many of the guys out there who “spend nickels like manhole covers” will ignore my suggestions. They’ll say that this is just a feeble marketing ploy to instill doubt and regret, to make one feel he’s been holding out, and it’s now time to procure diamonds, or at least a nice piece of gold jewelry, for loved ones (who deserve the very best, and not another poor choice present, such as last year’s cheap Chinese knock-off wristwatch she found under the tree).

On that note, what was the nicest thing your father gave you as a gift when you were seven years old?

A Hong Kong property tycoon named Joseph Lau recently presented his seven-year-old daughter Josephine a rare blue diamond weighing 12.03 carats, at the cost of 48.5 million dollars. In case you consider that unbelievable, the day before he gave her a 28 million dollar pink diamond! I have beautiful colored diamonds that will run you a lot less than what Mr. Lau paid.

This year I made a vow to never buy or carry cheap and inexpensive pieces of jewelry I had assumed the public wanted because of a tricky economy, because that is all it is…cheap, inexpensive worthless dreck, and along with that comes questionable quality. My gut feeling said, “don’t carry such merchandise,” but customers demanded it, and once they saw it, refused to buy it! Well, all I can say is “never again.” Sure, quality is more expensive, and in the end it lasts, because it’s quality. So guys trust me, you won’t find “fine jewelry” at the local farmer’s market.

Ok, I will untie many of you from the whipping post, consider it food for thought, if diamonds are too rich for your blood, at least get her nice quality silver jewelry.

Another suggestion is my island exclusive “Endless” line of luxurious leather charm bracelets, necklaces complete with a free sterling charm that has taken off all around the world; at $39 for a single bracelet, $49 for a double and $59 for the triple bracelet, and it all comes beautifully packaged and gift wrapped. It also takes off the curse of what to buy her for later occasions by getting her the endless selection of charms that she can add to the bracelet or necklace. It’s a good idea and a great deal for even the frugal minded because it’s a quality item and a perfect stocking stuffer.

So, besides the new Endless line, what’s hot this gift-giving season? Speaking from my perspective- just like last season, I have been practically living in my workshop since Halloween. My son and I have been straight-out keeping up with demand for our unique designed pieces, which we are renowned for. We added a new design in addition to our original Marco Bracelet, also I have a large selection of my original island designed gold and sterling Marco Angels that are always in demand during the holidays. All the women love them, if she doesn’t have one, wake up and get one with a simple chain. The cost is around $50.

On the risk of being redundant, three words…Sea Life Jewelry. This is a staple in every price range. In my shop here on Marco Island, every year, month or day it is always popular for locals and tourists alike, in gleaming gold or silver and two metal combinations, in pendants or charms. The pieces represent our abundant wildlife, dolphins, turtles, manatees, even fish and fowl such as owls, eagles and even pelicans…you name the bird, I probably have created a pendant!

Here in Southwest Florida we are so blessed with so much natural beauty, and folks have been collecting and showing off our precious metal creations for over twenty years now. I’m quite sure I have the largest selection of sea life jewelry on the island, from designers such as Denny Wong from the Hawaiian Islands and Stephen Douglas from the coast of California, and designs from yours truly.

For guys, I have a new line of high quality money clips called M-Clips, they come in stainless steel or aluminum. Some can be engraved to make the gift really special, there are lots of carbon fiber and enamel designs, and one is the actual surface of a golf ball. My favorite…Old Glory, the American flag.

Gentlemen, stay posted. I intend to present both a ladies and men’s night event where I will be open until late in the evening, where my experienced sales staff can show you all I have talked about here and give you assistance to help you pick out that perfect holiday gift.

Shop smart and shop local. Hoping you have a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyful holiday season to you and yours!


Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and owner of the Harbor Goldsmith located at the Island Plaza. Contact Harbor Goldsmith by phone 239-394-9275, or email, or visit their website at:



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