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How Much Is Too Much?

All That Glitters

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“Excess in moderation” is one of my favorite expressions, kinda says it all don’t ya think? It’s a well known fact too much of anything is not good for you! (Although I have often heard there is no such thing as too much fun!)

I have more than once overheard conversations in my shop where many a gentleman would say “My wife has way too much jewelry!” Of course his wife was not present when he made that claim; she would most likely disagree with him wholeheartedly. 

As many of my readers know, I have many years of experience in the jewelry biz (50 years and counting!). I also have acquired a long list of loyal clientele being here on the island since 1994. In that time I have accumulated a percentage of what I could consider my “Golden Groupies”; this is a very special group of sophisticated and knowledgeable folk who frequent the shop on a regular basis and need to know what is the latest fad in jewelry, what’s new and exciting, both domestically and abroad (many current jewelry trends originate in Europe, especially Italy, a destination my wife and I frequently travel to for business and pleasure, just to be ahead of the curve as to what will be the “must have” jewelry for the upcoming season). Just for example, not to toot my own horn or anything…

But I have had a certain item in my shop for over a year now that is currently the hottest neck chain in the nation… “the paperclip link chain”.

It originated from a line of chic jewelry from Florence, Italy called “Rebecca”; my customers were wearing them a year before it became the rage in all the major cities!

I have a list of customers I text pictures of the latest pieces I have discovered, or have created and finished, so they can have first crack at the piece(s) before it even makes it into my showcase or windows. A good deal of my works gets sold this way.

So I guess it can be more than just a need, but an actual obsession when it comes to jewelry for some folks.

I also have several guys who come in requiring battery changes and I swear I never see them bring in the same watch twice. When I questioned them, I’m often told they have several. So, what exact amount is several? One time last season a dude came in with two display cases holding twenty-four watches in each, all requiring battery changes, and these were just the ones he brought in not running! (I don’t think I have ever had that many watches in stock at one time in my store inventory!)

Some of my ladies are into rings of all kinds be it diamond or precious gemstones or just plain gold designs. Some prefer bracelets and pendants but overwhelmingly most women feel you can never have enough earrings!

It’s interesting how people can become “obsessed” with collecting certain things. My wife, for example, seems to have a thing for trendy handbags and I’m guilty of collecting antique jewelry making tools and equipment. I also have friends who can’t own enough classic automobiles or antiques. I understand it’s just a case of different strokes for different folks.

So how much jewelry is too much jewelry? As far as I’m concerned, you can never own too much – I own a jewelry store for Pete’s sake! The more the merrier, baby! Also buying your loved one nice quality jewelry is a gift that lasts, and it makes them happy every time they wear it. And guys don’t forget the ancient adage… Happy wife, happy life! 

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and owner of The Harbor Goldsmith, Marco’s go-to jeweler since 1994. He welcomes your questions and comments about “All That Glitters”


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