Tuesday, October 19, 2021

How Embarrassing!

Marco Island’s elected representative to the Collier County Tourist Development Council (TDC), Victor Rios, has once again embarrassed Marco Island. He was quoted in the Naples Daily News as complaining at the past two meetings about how long it took to get to the meeting compared with travel time in the offseason. He then went on to ask “Do we need more people here? Winter is hell.”

This is not what one would expect to hear from an elected official to the TDC. The purpose of the TDC is to encourage tourism not discourage it.

Do Mr. Rios’ comments reflect the feelings of the business and residential community of Marco Island or is he merely selfaggrandizing? What does he not understand about the word “development.”

We deserve more from our elected officials. Maybe Mr. Rios needs to remove himself from the Collier County Tourist Development Council.

Judy Sacher Marco Island

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