Friday, January 28, 2022

Honoring the Individual



Body, Mind And Spirit
Dianne Saywell

Reclining in the pre-dawn hours of the rainiest camping weekend ever, I sip my coffee in this little, cozy space and feel happy as I watch Fred Astaire conducting a big band orchestra and move his feet in a brilliant, successful attempt to show us what the music looks like through dance. What a talented human being! I am grateful that this talent was recorded through the visual art of filming. Last night, my husband and I were listening to Paul McCartney, as were blessed with a dry period for a couple of hours of campfiring, and talked about how lucky we are to be witnessing his life during ours. Then, I started thinking of all those who journeyed this life that had amazing gifts that we have not known of. We can look to our founding forefathers and inventors of such important things that have created life as we know it.

Each of us, known or unknown, has a gift or talent of some sort. It could be manifested in your life as a hobby. Something as challenging as rebuilding a car for fun, being a fisherman who brings home dinner every night, growing tomatoes or having a passion for books are among just a few activities that we can call gifts. How about the “gift of gab?”….I like that one.

There are characteristics that each of us possess we can honor and embellish just for our own sake. Let us first become aware of what exactly defines us. We can call them talents, gifts or simply a characteristic. These things are as different in each of us as the grains of sand on our beaches we leave our footprints on, making us as all very unique. This idea, however, sometimes is not honored. We are complacent with ourselves. We feel ordinary, not special, not particularly unique at all. So then, how can we honor who we are?

After simply becoming aware of what we are made up of individually, we can look to a “higher power,” a “universal energy” or good ol’ God, and see the enormity of our complexity. The realization of something bigger than ourselves is humbling and leaves us standing in awe — hopefully at who we are individually and collectively. I often think and wonder at how far we have come over the span of 100 years, and we are still going strong! We have history to look to, that which we can see and has been easily recorded in books, photos and film, and fathom those who passed this way that have no record of their contribution or simple characteristics defining who they are. They could have been a researcher, explorer, writer, warrior, inventor, apostle, teacher, volunteer, reader, thinker, fisher, musician, philosopher, even a classic movie T.V. enthusiast….gotta go……a Jimmy Stewart movie just started!


Dianne Saywell works full time as a dental hygienist at a local dental office educating and helping patients maintain their oral health.  She also spends her time introducing people to and sharing the healing power of YOGA and the health it brings to the body, mind and spirit.  She offers group classes and private sessions at all levels, contact her at


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