Friday, January 28, 2022

UPDATED: Honig Revealed as Owner of Political Website

For months now, Marco Island citizens have been inundated with vicious and negative email attacks upon two of the city council candidates.

In addition to email attacks on these two candidates, an anonymous political website was created. As a means of identification, the website stated, “We are a group of Marco Island citizen watchdogs committed to anonymity, because we have seen vocal citizens on all sides of issues get crushed and retaliated against by government officials, code enforcement, the political elite and the establishment (MICA, the Chamber and the Realtors).”

Because the site republished copyrighted materials without permission, Coastal Breeze News logged an official complaint with Domain by Proxy, the website host.

When Domain by Proxy provided Coastal Breeze News with name of the website’s owner they learned that it was Larry Honig, a sitting Marco Island City Councilor.

Also confirming this discovery, documents on the website, when downloaded and document elements reviewed, stated that the document’s author was Larry Honig.

Councilor Larry Honig. File Photo

Honig’s Marco Politics website contained attacks on his fellow Councilors Howard Reed (referred to as “a liar and a fraud”), Joe Batte (called an “Angry, fake cop”), and Bob Brown, mainly in relation to their independent opinions on council matters that differed from Honig’s. Attacks on private citizens, such as Ray Seward who spoke before the council, were also present on the website. Seward was referred to as a “crusty, nasty ‘citizen’.” The website criticized Dr. Kathleen Reynolds, a well-respected resident who questioned the validity and purpose of a complaint against candidate Swiacki, filed conveniently before the election.

Criticism of Coastal Breeze News (called “Fake News” and “Coastal Bullsh*t Snooze”), its owner and employees also appeared prominently on Honig’s website.

Hiding behind the anonymous website, Honig has also attacked Police Chief Al Schettino and the Marco Island Police Department.

Most recently, Honig’s website was used to support three candidates for city council, to attack fellow city councilors, and to malign city employees.

Direct attacks on candidates Dr. Jerry Swiacki and Jim Richards were made in a clear effort to elect the other three candidates that are supported by the clandestine Honig website.

Political websites may not be anonymous, according to Collier County Supervisor of Elections. Potential violations of Florida Election Commission codes appear numerous, including failure to provide disclosures.

Marco Island residents have consistently called for a return to a more civil discourse from its elected officials, so the news of Honig’s involvement and ownership of the website is a disappointment to many.

The Marco Politics website was taken down, presumably once Honig discovered that his identity as the owner had been revealed. Several screen shots of the website are included for our readers to view.


Contrary to denials, Marco Island City Councilor Larry Honig appears to be responsible for some of the content of the anonymous website Marco Politics, which was taken down after allegations of copyright infringement were made by Coastal Breeze News. Larry Honig’s name was revealed as the website’s owner by Domains by Proxy. The anonymous political website contained insults of other sitting councilors and private citizens.

According to a report, Honig does not deny owning the domain name, but has denied contributing to the insulting, and often vicious, content. However, documents appearing on the website indicate the author of said documents are Larry Honig.

Coastal Breeze News is sharing the actual document downloaded from the website as well as screenshots of the website, for transparency of the author.

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8 responses to “UPDATED: Honig Revealed as Owner of Political Website”

  1. Hector C. Fernandez says:

    Not surprising given Honig’s Machiavellian machinations. Yet Honig’s appointee, Brecknitz is leading in the polls. An obvious political plant by Honig to try and wrestle back a majority control on the dais.

    But… people get the government they deserve. Dark days ahead for Marco…

    • Alfred Marchand says:

      I recommend you actually review the candidates on their policy positions not their affiliations.

    • Dick Adams says:

      Hector, your painting of Erik Brechnitz as a Honig puppet is an inaccurate portrayal of the candidate. As you know, having served with Erik on the planning board, he is a balanced, thoughtful and independent individual not beholden to anyone involved in the political process.
      He is needed to restore trust and balance to city leadership.

  2. DAVE CRAIN says:

    Fine investigative reporting! Mr. Honig should resign immediately and all Marco Island voters should reconsider whom they are voting for in this election. I cannot support the slate that includes Rios or Young. We as Marco Island Citizens should be tired of being manipulated by these people.

  3. Tom says:

    Great job of reporting the “REAL NEWS FACTS.” Honig was the reason that the City Manager resigned in 2016. Honig (as the God Father/Chairman of the City Council) “dictated” his own plan to control the City of Marco Island and belittled the City Manager at every opportunity possible causing the resignation. Honig is a power hungry individual with very little respect for others, including fellow councilors. Honig’s ethical conduct as a Marco island City Councilman, resident, and OWNER OF A BRUTAL PUBLIC WEBSITE, is certainly “bigger than a bread box !!!!” Honig should immediately resign from the Marco City Council or action from the Marco Island citizens should require his removal from office without delay. (Brecknitz has more experience in governmental operations than any other candidate!)

  4. Al Diaz says:

    I am totally against negative politics, anonymous letters and comments and applaud the Coastal Breeze for their efforts. Candidates should simply run on their life experiences and on what they can contribute to our community. We need to move our City in a positive direction and elect candidates with integrity that are committed to our city. Erik Brechnitz is a leader not a follower and offers the experience that our City needs now. I am also a supporter of Gerry Swiacki and Jim Richards for their many contributions to our City.

  5. Alfred Marchand says:

    I am commenting to defend the website, Marco Politics, NOT Mr. Honig. I find it interesting that Marco Politics commentary has parodied many public figures including Mr. Honig. I guess the folks behind Marco Politics are larger in numbers than Mr. Honig. To ascribe all of Marco Politics commentary to Mr. Honig may be shortsighted.

    I found Marco Politics to be entertaining and interesting, especially the side by side videos.

    For comparison, consider the Eye On Marco website hosted by Mr. Bill McMullan devoted to support of civic associations sometimes in contrast to resident sentiment. Mr. McMullan diatribes run counter to many commentaries expressed in Marco Politics. In fact, Eye On Marco most recent email fails to include the Marco Eagle article with Mr. Honig’s comments.

    If this is about Mr. Honig’s website vs Mr. McMullan website: let the commentary fly! Sometimes it not about “Real News” but rather news not provided to offer broader perspective.

  6. Phares Heindl says:

    The Marco Eagle did a much better job reporting the issue. It appears that there is bad blood between Honig and this newspaper that may have impacted the tone of this report! There are many good articles and fine people on the Coastal Breeze but submit that this article may not represent its finest hour.

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