Monday, October 25, 2021

Honig Authored Website

Because I felt the website marcopolitics contained contemptuous remarks unacceptable in public discourse, I filed a complaint with the Florida Elections Commission which was closed as hearsay. I expected this outcome, but my intent was to hopefully curb such rhetoric in future elections.

Certainly, others remember when Mr. Honig was directly asked about his involvement, he denied authorship to reporters and on the dais merely acknowledged owning the domain so that citizens fearing retribution could publish anonymously. In his response to the FEC, he states, “I am the only person providing content.”

I sent to all our other Councilors prior to the 1/6/20 Council Meeting this documentation so it is available as a public record. I wanted someone to have the moral courage to rebuke this conduct, however, since Councilors Reed and Roman were victims of his attacks they might not have for concern of being perceived as vindictive. Know that when an elected official is so untruthful the entire community is betrayed. Should our Council not act, Mr. Honig must display the decency to voluntarily resign for his ability to be trusted has been severely compromised. None of us are perfect; all of us regret certain past actions and words. The reality is though that as a public servant Mr. Honig committed himself to the highest standards of ethics and he has failed. Truthfully, I want to believe I am not a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

Regina L. Dayton

Marco Island, Florida 34145-4840

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