Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Honesty DOES Matter

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Voters are told that two of the most important values or principles for the Collier County Board of Commissioners are “honesty” and “integrity.” Yet, in Mr. LoCastro, we have a candidate who seems to be lacking both.

His campaign claims have been “modified” over time. The first one was that he was a “military hospital administrator”—as a retired Medical Service Corps officer, I knew that to be false. When I inquired, he quibbled and became confrontative. That claim has disappeared.

The second one was that he was a “combat veteran”—to which a sharp-eyed Marine took exception to—and within 24 hours, that claim was modified. In other words, HE IS NOT A COMBAT VETERAN.

A third one would seem to be a claim he was a “Senior NATO Commander”—which was changed/modified without any prompting.

The bottom line: this issue isn’t some “dredge up” from his past 10 or 20 years ago, or somehow having been misquoted by the media. These are claims Mr. LoCastro has made during this campaign, by his own hand and keyboard—claims which now would seem to be clear misrepresentations.

It would be nice if the Republican Party, or media, would do a little vetting.

I know as a voter in District 1, the thought of a candidate being a “truth distorter” before even getting to public office, is simply repugnant. I thank him for his service and hope that he continues with his community volunteerism.


3 responses to “Honesty DOES Matter”

  1. Joe Batte says:

    Hey Ray sounds like you don’t support Mr. LoCastro, like so many of us do. Thats your right, but to try to smear an honorable military vet, like you, is a very low approach & not characteristic of a fellow Veteran.
    I never read where Rick said he was a military hospital commander. Sr. Nato Commander? Where did you see that? I read that he “held positions in Nato”. I read about his distinguished military career but saw no wording of being a combat vet. But he served, he was there, & deserves much admiration for that, not smear. And to call him a “truth distorter” is a slap in the face to all of us, like Rick, who put on the uniform & took the oath. So go ahead & vote for someone else Ray, but try to remove yourself from gutter politics! It doesnt look good on you!

    • Coastal Breeze News Staff says:

      Hi Joe,

      This is in the signature on an email from Rick to me, to the NDN, to Bill Greene and to two ‘team members’ of a political strategy agency in Tallahassee:

      – Conservative Republican
      – U.S. Air Force Academy Graduate (1988)
      – Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Retired — 24 Years of Service (1988 – 2012)
      – Combat Veteran & Senior NATO Commander (Afghanistan & Iraq)
      – Base Commander of Multiple City-Sized Military Installations
      – Managed Billions of Tax-Payer Dollars
      – Worked for two U.S. Presidents (Bush 41 & 43)
      – Naples — Leadership Collier Graduate
      – Naples — Business Leader
      – East Naples — Former Chief Operating Officer, Physicians Regional Medical Center
      – Collier County — Veteran Advocate, Fundraisers, Volunteer, Rotary Club & American Legion Member
      – Collier County — Student Mentor & High School/College Leadership Lecturer
      – Senator Scott Senior Veteran Advisor & Chair of His Service Academy Selection Board
      – Marco Island Resident

      However, I will go ahead and approve your response. Val

  2. CBD Products says:

    Honesty is one of the most important criteria, it is indisputable. But to be honest, a person who is used to executing commands will be a super good leader. For he obeys the one who stands above him, “the highest command.” Of course, I hope that this will not be so, because the military are guys of honor who stand for the idea of the prosperity of their people and their country! I really hope that we have something to believe in and with whom to fight shoulder to shoulder. But the leadership should be people who know a lot about politics and its conduct.

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