Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Holidays with the Swamp Boys



image001_AMIkidsThe “Swamp Boys” from AMIkids Big Cypress went to the Bentley Village Retirement Home to help decorate it for Christmas. They started by getting all of the boxes out of storage and then unpacked them. Not only did they put up the decorations, they worked with the seniors, helping them to join in the fun as well! They worked side by side with the seniors getting them ornaments, lugging boxes, lifting things up to hang them. One of the residents said to her friend, “We never could have done this without their help.”

Anthony Bowens, the manager from AMIkids Big Cypress, a residential treatment program where the boys stay for 6-9 months while they receive counseling for anger, drug abuse and behavioral



issues, supervised the boys on their weekly trip to Bentley Village. “We have been coming here for years and it does as much for the boys as it does for the seniors. They love each other and both groups look forward to the visits every week.”

image004Dianna Frana is the activities coordinator for Bentley Village. The ongoing project is her baby. “You should see the resident’s faces light up when I announce that the boys are here. They get out of bed and come out of their rooms when the boys come over.”

The project has been going strong for many years and the boys work hard at the remote camp in the everglades for a chance to come out and work with the seniors.

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