Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Holiday highlights




Joanie Fuller 

ere we are right in the middle of another holiday season. They come so fast, don’t they? In Goodland we celebrate our season in many different ways. Let’s share a few highlights.

• We held our 3rd annual Christmas Bazaar on December 7 and 8 at the Goodland Boat Park. Artisans, craftsmen, food and music created a holiday atmosphere and everyone had a great time. A big thank you goes to Connie Fullmer and Noreen Seegers for chairing this big event. If you missed it this year, we hope you will come next year!

• Everyone loves our home decorating contest. Sandy and Jared Kelly always have a spectacular display and they have won first place more than once. It is so detailed and so many fun things are happening in it – even an electric train going round and round! Many other home decorations are wonderful as well and it makes the judging difficult.

• Visit our Post Office to see the Christmas message which

Zach selling a tree to Kathleen and Alex.

Zach selling a tree to Kathleen and Alex.

our own Denise Santos of Premier Graphics Design painted on the glass window. It is truly a work of art. It makes one want to shout “Joy” to all. Fantastic!! Thanks Denise!

• You can even buy a Christmas tree in Goodland! Rich and Kathy Rasimowicz opened their Heavenly Evergreens here and they are offering quality trees in sizes varying from tabletop to eleven feet high. And when you purchase a tree from them a portion of the cost benefits either the Marco Island Academy or the Family Church Marco Campus. You choose. Isn’t that nice!! On the day I went, I had the pleasure of meeting Marco Islanders Kathleen Cashin and Alex Saputo who were buying their tree. Young Zach Burgess, one of Goodland’s youngsters, was filling in for the owners and conducting the deal. He was quite the entrepreneur! Even though getting the tree on top of the car was a tough job, they got it done and the Frasier Fir was beautiful. Kathleen and Alex felt the trip to



Goodland was definitely worthwhile.

• Each year Goodlanders choose an evening and we sing Christmas carols while riding up and down our streets in decorated golf cars. We even go inside restaurants – on foot of course – and serenade the lucky diners!! I ask you: How many times have you experienced that while dining in a restaurant? Last year, a woman rushed out of the Little Bar as we were preparing to depart for our next place and she exclaimed, “I have never seen anything like this. May I take your picture?” She was so happy and we thank Greg and Cindy Bello for organizing this unique happening!

All of these highlights add depth to our holiday season here in Goodland. I hope you will find special meaning to your holiday whether it is with friends, family or a random act of kindness helping someone you don’t even know. Celebrate your way and be joyous!

Joanie Fuller is the President of the Goodland Civic Association. She and her husband of 48 years, David Fuller, are residents of Goodland. 

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