Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Hoarding, Ordering, Delivering and Giving


We all know the news, so it’s difficult to write anything new, but let me take a stab at something else and hope that you enjoy it.

We’re all under order to stay at home, and I know I am unless I must go out to pick something up, but then I order it ahead of time, they come out to the car, deliver it, and I’ve usually paid for it by credit card, so no one had to go out of their way. This way, if you don’t feel like cooking, you can still get a homecooked meal, but not get out of your car. I’ve been very fortunate with a few friends who call before they go to the grocery store to see if I need anything while they are up there. I always buy a few extra when things go on sale, so I never have to hoard anything, but I don’t think I can ever understand why people needed toilet paper when this was a respiratory illness? And why did they have to buy everything so no one else could buy anything? With toilet paper, you cannot use paper towels or napkins because they’ll clog up the system, and YOU—the hoarder—might have a backup because you hoarded all the toilet paper, without any consideration for the next guy. I wonder how long all that toilet paper will last those who bought whole selves of it! Luckily, I don’t know anyone like that, so I feel good about my friends. 

Speaking of delivering, food, and other things, my daughter works for a breakfast/lunch diner off Pine Ridge Rd. called Goldie’s. She’s been delivering food for them for 19 years and going strong. I guess it was really difficult finding a reliable delivery person, so when they found her, they want to keep her. She knows all the customers in the Industrial area she delivers to, and they depend on her to get them their breakfast and lunch. When this virus started and no one could come into Goldie’s anymore, the owner decided to divide up the deliveries among the other wait-staff so everyone could get some money in to help feed the kids, so they all shared in the deliveries and tip money. They are working as a team, maybe the pay is poor, but at least they have a little something coming into their homes. A regular customer came in last week and gave the owner money to divide among all the staff there—$250 each, which for one week really helped a lot! Whoever he is, I’d love to thank that kind individual myself! Then a few days later another regular came in and gave the owner some money to divide among all the staff. It was another help to everyone and help that was not expected. There are really some nice people out there! It tugs at your heartstrings to hear that this happens! To those waitresses and cooks, it means everything! Most are young and have children. It’s a tough time for everyone, but especially in areas like industrial workers or lawn care companies. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that there are some kind people out there, and so happy to see them reaching out to those who have very little. It means so much. 

Now, on to the fun part! I’ve read all the suggestions about what to do at home while we are rather confined here. I’ve found all I can do is snack, eat, and look for new recipes. But at my age, my appetite has dwindled a lot, so I just make little portions. I’ve wanted to take time to cook again for years, but there was never time. HOWEVER, here it is, so I use it. I write to my kids to tell them what I’m gonna make, and some decide to try it as well. We can’t have Easter Dinner together, so we’ll all talk to each other and enjoy our arms-length company any way we can. We’ll even plan our Easter Dinner/Birthday Dinner for after the fact, and we’ll call it Easter Birthday Dinner. I just pray each and every one of them stays well or gets well, and all arrive at the end of this journey healthy and safe. Some have already been touched by things, but they are being attended to. And what do we do at Easter or Passover? We PRAY! And that’s what we need to do! Pray that we all come out of this safe and well when it’s all done. 

However, speaking of eating… I think I have everything I’d ever wanted to snack on in the house right now! I even bought chip dip! I haven’t bought that in years! I’ve got lots of fruit, juices, lunch meat, cheese, wonderful frozen meals, terrific meats that I froze, etc. Lots of stuff to make for only one person, and I can’t even invite anyone over to eat! BUT… it gives me time to file lots of stuff that I have sitting in piles right now, and then pitching a lot more that I should have a while back. Another thing I’ve been saving are some of the old Coastal Breeze Column to read again (I love those historical things that Craig Woodward writes), or read things about the fish and dolphins and owls, and more. Now I can actually take the time to read thoroughly, as well as the travel stuff that I always mean to read, but save it until I have the time. Well, now is the time, and I’m reading them. We’ve got some GREAT writers at this newspaper! Each one has so much to share, and a lot for us to learn! Yes, once I thoroughly read them, I finally can discard them—except the ones I just cannot get rid of because I want to save the info. So, now I’ve written 1,000 words and actually given you nothing newsworthy, but at least something to read.

 Hugs to all, because I cannot give them to you in person!


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