Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Historic Site #10 Old Marco Inn 100 Palm Street, Marco Island



Captain Bill Collier and his wife Maggie built the Marco Hotel on a 10-acre plot to house fishermen and visitors to the island. Construction of the hotel was completed by 1896 with 20 rooms, a parlor, a dining room and a two-story bathroom. It opened to the public advertising “Two dollars a day and bring your own vittles.” The Colliers allowed Frank Hamilton Cushing, leader of the Pepper-Hearst Expedition, to use the summer parlor to dry out ancient Indian artifacts uncovered in the muck near the hotel. By 1925, the rates had gone up to $30 a month in the summer, and $30 a day during season. Cottages were added to house patrons who came year after year. Collier sold the hotel in 1927 to a New York syndicate that had the financial backing of George E. Ruppert as the principal investor. Other later owners included Roy Enfield of Nashville and Bob Carrier of Louisville, who added a motel and swimming pool. Marion and Wilhelm Blomeier became owners in 1969, enclosed the porch and renovated the interior with antique tin pieces tiling the ceiling of the hallway and bar. Today the Inn continues to operate as a restaurant, Bistro Soleil.

-Designated historic site.

In their effort to increase public awareness of the importance and significance of Collier County’s historical and archaeological heritage, the Historic and Archaeological Preservation Board of Collier County produces a 28-page booklet featuring historic sites in Collier County. The 44 sites highlighted in the book are grouped together by proximity and shown on a locator map.

Historic Designation Process: the designation of specific sites, structures, buildings, districts and properties may be initiated by the Preservation Board or the property owner. Consideration of the Preservation Board’s findings and recommendations, and upon the consideration of the criteria and guidelines contained in the Land Development Code, the Board of County Commissioners either approves or denies the petition. The Board of County Commissioners has designated many of the sites and structures as locally significant.

For more information go to and click on Historic Archaeological & Preservation Board under Advisory Boards. Also see (Naples); (Marco/Goodland); (Everglades City); and (Collier County).




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