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High School Musical, Jr



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

b1-cbn-5-29-1The last theatrical production for Marco Island Charter Middle School’s 2014/15 school year was High School Musical, Jr. Karen Raymond, as director and choreographer, continued her legacy of producing smash hits. It is amazing what great shows are produced at the middle school level and it’s indicative of the quality of teaching. Karen has a knack to pull the best effort from each and every student, from stage hands to set designers, whether singing as part



of a chorus or doing a solo. These students are giving their best, and their best creates an amazing show.

Students not only portrayed their characters brilliantly, but they sang and danced their way into the hearts of all in the entire audience.

b1-cbn-5-29-7The presentation began with a cheer from the Eagles Cheerleaders, which was joined by the ensemble. The Start of Something New sung by the character Troy Bolton (Carson Essi) and the ensemble. Get’cha Head in the Game performed by



the Team and all the boys. Bop to the Top auditions were by James (played by Jimmy Munoz). What I’ve Been Looking for sang by Ryan Evans (Jesse Giansanti) and Sharpay (Mikayla Rivera). What I’ve Been Looking for was by Troy (Carson Essi) and Gabriella (Lexi Harrington), Stick to the Status Quo was performed by Zeke (Dagen Rash), Martha (Josie Torres), Ripper (Bailey Dunstan), Mongo (Victoria Novotny), Troy (Carson Essi), Gabriella (Lexi Harrington), Sharpay (Mikayla Rivera) and the entire ensemble. Counting on You was sung by Chad (Jacob


Wagner), Taylor (Lia Okenkova), Zeke (Dagen Rash), Martha (Josie Torres) ner), Taylor (Lia Okenkova), Zeke (Dagen Rash), Kelsi (Isabella Valencia), Martha (Josie Torres) and the ensemble. Bop to the Top sung by Martha (Josie Torres), Ryan Evans (Jesse Giansanti) and the ensemble. Breaking Free by Troy Bolton (Carson Essi) and Gabriella (Lexi Harrington) and the ensemble. Together Reprise sung by Troy Bolton (Carson Essi), Gabriella (Lexi Harrington), Ryan Evans (Jesse Giansanti), Sharpay (Mikayla Rivera) and the ensemble. The final number, High School Musical Megamix, was performed by Troy


Bolton (Carson Essi), Gabriella (Lexi Harrington) and the entire ensemble.

b1-cbn-5-29-9The production was fitting, as many of the cast will be moving onto high school next year. As with all performances, Karen Raymond was surrounded by the performers and given a huge group hug from the students as a sign of their appreciation.

Karen is sure to thank Mrs. Heidenreich and the yearbook class and ALL parents. Lights and Sound were handled by Roger Raymond, Morningstar Music and Kurt August. Set and



Design was headed by Lauren DeHooghe, the Show Video by Josiah Hurtley and Martie Miller, and the spotlight was handled by Mr. Radlovacki.

Congratulations to all of the students for a great performance!

b1-cbn-5-29-10The Cast

Carson Essi           Troy Bolton

Lexi Harrington    Gabriella Montez

Jesse Giansanti     Ryan Evans

Mikayla Rivera     Sharpay Evenat

Emily Boxma        Ms. Darbus

Morgan Broxson   Jackie Scott and Cathy

Lia Okenkova      Taylor

Isabella Valencia  Kelsi

Jacob Wagner       Chad

Lauren DeHooghe Ms. Tenney/Moderator

B2-CBN-5-29-9Axel Reyes           Coach Bolton

Josie Torres          Martha

Dagen Rash          Zeke

Alex Perez            Opera Voice

Prestley Irvan       Susan

Jimmy Munoz       James

Victoria Novotny   Mongo

Bailey Dunstan    Ripper


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