Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Hideaway Beach re-nourishment project making progress

Sky view of Hideaway Beach. Submitted photo

Sky view of Hideaway Beach. Submitted photo

By Hillary Franks

With approximately fifty percent of the project completed, Hideaway Beach is looking forward to bigger and better beach days. The Hideaway Beach Re-Nourishment Project started officially on June 21 of this year. The project will be completed in early December 2010. The goal is to bring more sand to the beach and keep it there, thus giving residents and visitors more area to enjoy. The project involves dredging existing sand from under the water off shore and bringing it in to replace that which has been eroded away by the water currents. Complementing this, new T-groin installments will be a permanent fixture that will continue to ensure the desired results and the project’s success. Before the project was implemented, Hideaway Beach was in a state of urgency regarding the continued erosion to the beaches. Upon completion of the project the erosion should be rectified and eliminated. During this time all shore birds, turtles, and other shore life are being monitored for activity.

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