Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Hermits in Our Islands




b29-cbn-11-11-16-3Imagine setting out in a row boat equipped with only a tent to make your home on a remote island…and you don’t know anything about navigation or living in the wilderness!

That’s what Al Seely did in 1960, and he survived to tell his story of making a home in the Ten Thousand Islands. His diaries were discovered by local historian Betsy Perdichizzi, who has



edited them into a book, “The Phony Hermit.”

Betsy will present an illustrated lecture “Hermits in Our Islands” on Friday, November 18, at 5:30 PM in the Jinkins Fellowship Hall behind Everglades Community Church. She will also have copies of her books for sale that she will sign.

The event is hosted by the Everglades Society for Historic Preservation and admission is free, but reservations are requested. To learn more see or phone Marya at 239-695-2905.

2 responses to “Hermits in Our Islands”

  1. Joe kimball says:

    1980’s mullet fished, visited Al almost every day, talented man, lot of good stories, good painter, loved his beer, his best friend was ( digger ) the dog, he was an interesting guy loved talking 2 him the word phony hermit is an insult that’s my thinking the author obviously did not no this man RIP all miss those good ole’ days….. As I take a deep breath damn time flies 😎

    • R. Fleenor says:

      That sounds very interesting I’ve got to get the book. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable living on Dismal island with it’s hot humid weather, insects, not close to any place to obtain anything. All that and unless he had barrels of petrol and a generator he had no electrics. I suppose as a hermit type he didn’t mind your visits but didn’t want a crowd. And yes time goes by so very fast, the older you get you slow down and time moves on.

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