Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hello… Ma!



Richard Alan

It’s just around the corner again, Mother’s Day. Of course you remember her? Without Mom, you would not exist in this world. This person loved, nurtured and raised you to be the person you are today; a joy for most – and for some – she could be the reason you have been going to therapy since you were in your teens.

CBN_B13-3I am one of the fortunate ones. I have the coolest Mom in the world. For without her, I would be lacking front teeth due to numerous ice hockey and tree climbing mishaps – oh, and she gave birth to me. Born and raised in a tough, inner-city neighborhood in Dorchester Massachusetts, I was well known at our local emergency ward. Scars tell more stories than tattoos.

She taught me how to be street smart, but with class. She instilled a core of beliefs that included kindness, courtesy and respect for mankind no matter how difficult a situation or person may be. She gave me the tools to cope graciously with the percentage of impossible people I deal with on a day to day basis. The proof is in my untarnished reputation as an honorable person and businessman. I make my mother proud of what I have become and achieved and it is all because of her.

This is all about Mom. I have the pleasure to work together with my Mom three days a week. She does not have to work, and she actually enjoys being in the store, interacting with customers and making me money – what a concept.

She loves jewelry and has an incredible eye for detail and the most subtle imperfections… meaning repairs have to pass Corrine’s strict quality control before it gets picked up by the customer. She keeps the shop on its toes insuring top notch service and craftsmanship. Not to mention that she is a clean freak; she is constantly dusting, polishing jewelry or arranging displays when she isn’t waiting on customers. It is not clean unless it is “Corrine Clean.” I get exhausted watching her whirl around all day; I don’t know where this woman gets



her energy!

So I have come to realize that it’s time I make Mother’s Day a special occasion for my Mother. She knows any piece of jewelry in the store is hers for the taking, but her taste is conservative and she likes what she wears – most of her favorite pieces were gifts from friends, family members or yours truly.

But that’s my Mom. Most Moms appreciate a nice bauble every now, then and especially on Mother’s Day. I still get orders for Mother’s rings or pendants, (for those of you unaware of such things, gemstones are set in settings according to the month of her children’s births; for example, a September baby’s birthstone is sapphire, and a July baby is a ruby.)

Only in recent years, husbands have been buying gifts for the mother of his children on Mother’s Day. It can be just a simple single stone diamond pendant, and – what Mom would not love – a pair of diamond studs?

Which reminds me of an experience I had several years ago… I was just closing up on a Saturday afternoon when a lovely senior citizen inquired about the cost of the diamond stud earrings in the showcase. I informed her they were just under $3,000, She replied, “Fine I’ll take them!”

I was a bit surprised by the spilt second decision which is, by my experience, unusual for the female gender. I could not help but ask if it was a “happy birthday present for me” gift. She said, “No, I just lost my husband and laid him to rest this morning.” I said I was sorry for her loss, she thanked me then replied, “That’s OK. I always wanted a pair of diamond earrings and my husband refused to let me get a pair. There’s not much he can say about it now!”

Needless to say, I was floored! I handed her the credit card receipt and thanked her for her business. Live and learn, guys.

On another note, I just finished a one of a kind magnificent heart shaped diamond and precious stone Mother’s pendant consisting of the grandchildren’s birthstones. Someone will be thrilled with the piece on May 12th.

So don’t forget Mom this month, Make her’s a memorable one.




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