Friday, August 12, 2022

Happy and Giving Thanks in Paradise

All That Glitters

Photo: Itty bitty diamond sea life pendants.

Setting aside the minority of people who are neurotic, impatient and chiseling—or in my case ignoring them like seawater off a pelican—this island paradise on the whole is a wonderful place to live, work or spend one’s time chilling or defrosting for weeks, or if you’re lucky… months even.

In my case, I work and live here and have been a pretty happy camper for nearly 27 years. People and wonderful customers have come and gone, sadly some forever, that’s the way it is here for many in “heaven’s waiting room,” and there are many I truly miss for they brought the sunshine even on a cloudy day, just with their appearance in the shop, and it’s a long list.

Some faces fade and new ones arrive in what seems like every day, and that’s a good thing. The majority of my customers are a joy to see and a fun experience when it comes to interacting; whether it’s a simple watch battery replacement or a complicated jewelry repair. What I enjoy the most is creating a piece of jewelry that is unique and tailored for that one individual. I know I talked about the “signature piece” a few weeks ago, it’s kind of the same thing, only in this case—and especially during the gift-giving season—the recipient has no idea that the special jewelry item is coming, it’s a complete surprise and honestly, it makes me a little nervous when there is a lot of time and money involved. 

The end result is all that matters to me, however. It’s not always about the money, it’s about the joy I feel from the recipient when they come in to proudly show it off and personally thank me and how could I know they would positively adore it? Yes, gentlemen, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, and it’s hard to go wrong giving diamonds regardless of how many she may already possess. A simple diamond bracelet with only a scattering of gems or a gang of them is classy, nevertheless. Stacking gold or diamond or colored stone bracelets, meaning wearing more than one is the norm now, and makes a real fashion statement. 

Before most of you guys run for cover or skip to another article… itty bitty is big right now, just a small simple diamond neckpiece, especially sea life, is the hottest thing in the shop and has been for months now.

More on what’s hot and what’s not soon, for now I just want to give thanks for it is that time of the year and say those simple two words, “Thank you.” To all of you that have made living the dream a reality for me and my family, without your support through economic downturns, hurricanes and whatever mother nature threw at us and my business, my life here in paradise would simply not exist. 

Once again, I thank each and every one of you… A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and a joyous Holiday Season from all of us!

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