Friday, January 21, 2022

Happy 100th Birthday!

Mabel Flora Swank Zieglar.

Mabel Flora Swank Zieglar.

Mabel Flora Swank Zieglar, a resident of Marco Island since 1977, will be celebrating her 100th birthday on April 12th.

Mabel was born at home in Crawfordsvile, Indiana. Her parents were Catherine and George Swank.  During her early school years, she would ride to school in a mule drawn buckboard (her school bus). Mabel graduated nursing school from the Methodist Hospital in Ft. Wayne, Indiana (1937). Mabel was a nurse at Witham Memorial Hospital in Lebanon, Indiana. When she moved to Marco Island she was a private duty nurse till the age of 80. She kept up her nursing license until she was 93.

Mabel met her husband Harry Zieglar, while studying for her master’s degree at Ohio State University. They married on June 14th, 1940. She and Harry opened a drive-in theater in Mechanicsburg, Indiana in 1947. It was the 2nd drive-in theater built in Indiana and it is still in operation today.

They had four daughters (Jeanene, Mary Margaret, Joy and Kathy). She has 5 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Mabel is a world traveler; in 1953 she visited Cuba. In 1970 she took a trip around the world in 40 days. She visited Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Iran, Lebanon, Greece, and Italy. She has also been to several islands in the Caribbean and to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.

Today she spends her time sewing pillow covers and making quilts for family and friends. She also makes homemade soup (vegetable beef) which she eats about every day. That might be the secret to her longevity!

While in Miami in the 1950’s Mabel, Harry and their daughters would come for the day to Marco Island. They loved the island then, so when it was time to retire there was only one place to move – Marco Island!

Coastal Breeze News would like to wish Mabel a Happy 100th Birthday!

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