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Guide to Teen Lingo: The Only Dictionary You Need

MIA Special Section: The Wave


Having problems with someone “She said something behind my back, now we have beef.”


When you accept a challenge, usually crazy “You won’t eat this brick. Bet”.


Used to describe a particularly good song. “Man, that was a bop!”


Used to describe someone with a lot of fame. “She has so many followers it must be because she has clout.”


A really dumb dance move. “She got an A on her test and dabbed in front of the whole class.”


‘Gonna’; about to do it or “finally gonna”. “I’m finna buy these Airpods.”


A term in which you call a fake instagram where people post whatever they want that doesn’t fit their real instagram feed. “My finsta is so funny you should follow it.”

Glow up:

Used to say somebody grew up and looks better. “I wish I had a glow up, she looks so good.”


Used to say something that you want on the down low. “I lowkey wish she would talk to me.”

Poppin off:

Doing something extremely well. “Wow, Sarah your really poppin’ off.”


Phrase said when people wonder if they should upload something on their real instagram. “Hey should I reinsta this? Do I look cute? Does it match my feed?”


Someone who doesn’t care about the consequences of their actions. “She skipped school, what a savage.”.


When you think someone would make a cute couple and you support a possible relationship. “I ship them, they are so cute together.” “Their ship name is Jaylee (Jay and Kaylee).”


Used for when you receive surprising news. “Wow, She’s only 15? I’m shook.”

Sips tea:

Used for when you’re minding your own business. “She just sips her tea when we gossip, doesn’t she?”


Invented by James Charles – used in front of words that start with “s”. “She sister spooked me when she sister screamed.”


Used as a word to express excitement and humor or the sound a car makes when it drifts/squeals to a stop. “She skrrted right on out of here after the test.”


Used to describe somebody who is attractive. “Wow she is looking like a whole snack.”


Your group of friends. “The squad and I are going to the mall this weekend.”


Used for when you don’t want to say the whole phrase “to be honest”. “Tbh she is really nice and I love her.”


The latest drama or gossip. “Oh my gosh, Karen spill the tea!”

Wig snatched:

When you get surprising news. “That was shocking, my wig is snatched.”

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