Monday, November 29, 2021

Great Blue Heron in Distress at Tigertail Lagoon



Submitted by Maria Lamb

For a couple of weeks now, a Great Blue Heron has been seen on Tigertail Lagoon with a very big fish hook dangling from its long neck.  It does not stray far away and stays on Sand Dollar spit or on the lagoon side.  It has been observed that it tries to shake the fish hook off which hampers its ability to feed.  The Great Blue Heron tries to feed but is unable to swallow.  The staff at the concession has been keeping an eye on the Great Blue Heron and tries to feed it smaller fish.  Adam DiNuovo from Audubon has been on site trying to successfully catch

Photos by:  Christiane Richelmi

Photos by: Christiane Richelmi

it.  The Conservancy of SW Florida has received numerous calls regarding the GBH on Tigertail lagoon. The GBH is not afraid of humans and will let them approach  within 6-10 feet.  Any closer it will take flight.  How did this happen?  It looks like our GBH is a victim of a fisherman trying to cast and the bird was in the way.  Another reason why it is very important to make sure not to cast out when wildlife is close by. This article is to let the public know that everything is being done to  capture the GBH and take it to the Conservancy of SW Florida Wildlife Clinic where we hope to remove the hook successfully.

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