Friday, January 28, 2022

Grants Committee Forms to Assist Parks Department

A new committee of volunteers formed under the Marco Island Parks and Rec Department to assist the park with grant applications. There are a handful of grants available on the state and national level which provide funds for specific projects. The committee is comprised of Chairman Carla Mickes, Bob Bowe, Barbara Murphy, Steve Stefanides, Brian Hauser and Parks Director Bryan Milk.

The application process is extremely detailed and information from a variety of sources must be presented in a precise manner while meeting strict requirements. “The slightest oversight can cause the application to be rejected,” said Carla Mickes, a retired attorney residing on Marco Island.

The committee gathered by Mickes set out to apply for a grant to partially fund tree planting in optimal locations at Veteran’s Community Park. The name “Trees R Cool” was chosen for the project. The maximum allowance under this grant is $24,000.

“The idea is trees not only enhance the park’s appearance, but they provide much needed shade in the summer,” Milk said.

Information will be available soon so private citizens have an opportunity to participate in this effort by purchasing trees for the park. The committee will continue to work researching other available grants.

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