Thursday, October 28, 2021

Governor DeSantis Visits Naples

Pushes for Civics Education

Photos by Maria Lamb | Governor Ron DeSantis in Naples pushes for civics-based education for Florida’s public schools.

Members of the Republican Club of South Collier County (RCSCC) were at North Collier Regional Park, Naples on Tuesday, December 10th when Governor DeSantis made an important announcement on education. He detailed his efforts to promote a more civics-based curriculum in Florida public schools. Under the Governor’s plan, all high school seniors would be required to take a civics exam. This is similar to an exam required by naturalized citizens which would measure civic literacy of graduating seniors. 

A spokesperson for the governor clarified that passing the exam won’t be a requirement for a student to graduate high school. Instead, the tests will help the state measure students’ understanding of the subject. 

DeSantis said it is critical for young people to prove they understand lessons of our Founding Fathers. He explained that 21% of young people can’t answer basic questions about government.

On December 11th, RCSCC hosted an event at the Hammock Bay Country Club highlighted by Reverend Michael Orsi as a special guest. Father Orsi is the parochial vicar of St. Agnes Catholic Church in Naples. He is also the host of “Action for Life” Television. 

Father Orsi referred to Bishop Sheen’s remarks that, “If the Church does not inform the secular order, the secular order will inform the church.” Orsi bemoaned that a lot of the churches today are no longer finding their values in God and in the Gospel. They are finding their values in what is “politically correct.”

Commander Lee Rubenstein of American Legion Post #404 announced that The Wall that Heals will be in Marco on February 19th for 4 and a half days and will be open 24 hours for viewing.

He urged the political candidates present “not to leave their values at the legislative door, but those values should be informed by their faith and to bring those values with them in the political arena.” Orsi also urged the guests to make sure they know where the candidates stand and to “vote for candidates you can trust with the right values.”

Commander Lee Rubenstein of the American Legion Post 404 informed RCSCC members that the American Legion is honored to bring The Wall That Heals to Marco Island for its third visit. The new wall will be 40% larger and that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Marco Islanders to share The Wall That Heals. Marco Island will be the only city visited in Florida and will be the first on the list for the 2020 tour.

The Wall That Heals will be in Marco Island on February 19 for 4 and a half days, open for viewing 24 hours. If you want to volunteer for the wall, please contact Lee Rubenstein at or 239-564-9894.

It’s a growing field for District 19th Congressional candidates. Dan “Doc” Severson, Dane Eagle, Majority Leader of Florida House, Representative Heather Fitzenhagen (termed out), Businessman Dr. “Fig” Figlesthaler, Ford O’Connor of Naples, Mayor Randy Henderson of Fort Myers, Antonio Dumornay, and Darren Dione Aquino. Political observers say that several more candidates may also file by the April 24th deadline. RCSCC will be hosting a Debate for District 19th candidates scheduled for March 18th at the Hammock Bay Country Club. Please visit for information on upcoming events.

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