Wednesday, October 27, 2021


City of Marco Island

All meetings at City Hall 1st Conference Room, 51 Bald Eagle Dr., unless noted.

MAY 14 Regular City Council Meeting 5:30pm.

MAY 16 Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Workshop 5pm.

MAY 17 Beach Advisory Committee Meeting9-11am.

MAY 18 2017 Waterways Committee Meeting9am.

MAY 19 Planning Board Meeting – 9am.

MAY 23 Code Enforcement Magistrate Hearing11:30am.

Collier County

All meetings at Board of County Commissioners Chambers, 3rd floor, Collier County Government Center, 3299 Tamiami Trail E. Naples, unless noted.

MAY 12 Metropolitan Planning Organization Meeting – 9am.

MAY 16 Pathways Advisory Committee Meeting – 9am. Collier Growth Management Department, 609/610 2800 N Horseshoe Dr, Naples.

Landscape and Safety Committee of the Pelican Bay Services Division – 10:15am.

Community Center at Pelican Bay 8960 Hammock Oak Dr, Naples.

MAY 17 Contractor Licensing Board – 9am.

Library Advisory Board Annual Meeting – 10am. Headquarters Regional Library 2385 Orange Blossom Dr, Naples.

Congestion Management System/ Intelligent Transportation Systems Meeting – 2pm. 2885 South Horseshoe Dr, Naples.

MAY 18 Planning Commission – 9am.

East Naples Task Force Meeting – 1:30pm. East Naples Community Park, 3500 Thomasson Dr, Naples.

MAY 22 Technical Advisory Committee Meeting9:30am. Planning & Regulation Building Conference Rooms 609/610 2800 N Horseshoe Dr, Naples.

Citizen Advisory Committee Meeting – 2pm. Collier Growth Management Department Construction Main Conference Room 2885 S Horseshoe Dr, Naples.

MAY 23 Board of County Commissioners – 9am.

MAY 25 Community Traffic Safety Team – 10am. Growth Management Dept, Main Conference Room 2885 South Horseshoe Dr, Naples.

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