Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Goren On Bridge

Brilliant discard



Worried that East might have made a weak two-bid with only a five-card suit, South ducked the first two rounds of hearts before winning the third round. West had to make a discard on the third heart. Most would shed a low spade, we think, but this West player made the brilliant discard of the ace of diamonds!

West’s discard told South that this one might not be as easy as he thought. He was not surprised when East showed out on the second club. South became worried that West also held four spades to the jack. What to do?

It was logical to South that West had started with four spades to the jack, five clubs, and the ace-king of diamonds to go with his doubleton heart. That would also explain the ace of diamonds discard. South wanted to test the spades, but he couldn’t do it comfortably. He would have to cash the two high clubs while in dummy with the king of spades. This would set up enough winners in the West hand to defeat him if West had the hand that South thought he did.

This was a lot of thinking caused by the great discard. South decided to play West for the doubleton ace-king of diamonds and led a diamond before testing the spades. He was disappointed to see West play low and East win the trick. Three more heart winners and the contract was down two – a contract that would have come home had South just cashed his top winners.

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