Thursday, October 28, 2021

Goodland’s Jukebox by Joanie

Class members at this year’s Christmas brunch. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Class members at this year’s Christmas brunch. SUBMITTED PHOTOS


What began four years ago as a pilot program in Goodland, “Jukebox by Joanie,” has morphed into a popular way to become more physically and mentally fit, stronger and more confident, while enjoying camaraderie with neighbors and friends.

Goodland ladies either walk, bicycle or use their golf carts to get to our community center for class. Some golf cart drivers even pick up friends and bring them along. It’s unique.

Joanie Fuller created the program, which consists of original dance choreography, with an emphasis on balance, strength and conditioning. Sassy moves combined with the music everyone loves equal a fun and fast moving hour. Classes are offered twice a week, which enables participants to progress and improve their overall abilities. Occasionally someone misses a class, but that’s ok. And other times a granddaughter accompanies one of our residents to class. It is always fun to have a young person visit, and they may be surprised at how well our ladies move! Honestly, they do look good, especially when the move is extra sassy and they have smiles on their faces.

Occasionally Joanie gives away door prizes to honor perfect attendance

Carol Arrasmith won a pink towel at a recent Jukebox by Joanie class.

Carol Arrasmith won a pink towel at a recent Jukebox by Joanie class.

or to encourage someone who is new to the program. Recently she asked four new participants to come to the front of the room and turn their backs. She had decided to give away one of the official Jukebox by Joanie pink towels. The four turned their backs and MJ Chaput, one of the other participants, tossed a pink gift-wrapped bag over their heads. The lucky winner was Carol Arrasmith.

Carol, who is from Kentucky, went right after it and was thrilled to win her very own pink towel. She explained, “This is my first year in Goodland and I love this class.” While smiling she went on the say that she used to be a tap dancer. “And I try to ride my bike ten miles a day too.” We are happy to have Carol, and anyone who lives in Goodland, take part in the fun program.

So Jukebox by Joanie continues each year, and the Goodlanders look forward to it every fall and winter. Open only to Goodlanders, the 2016 winter session runs Mondays and Thursdays at 8 AM, through April 14. Classes are located at 417 Mango Avenue.

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