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Goodland’s Gizzi and the Relocation of His Historic Home

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It’s not everyday you see a house travelling down Goodland Drive West. And as fellow Goodlander Paula Fabian put it, “This takes moving to a whole different level; no moving boxes required!” Marziano Gizzi, affectionately known as Gizzi around Goodland, has successfully moved his 108-year-old home from 507 Goodland Drive West to 316 Pear Tree Avenue. The home is now located on an interior lot and soon to be supported by a concrete blocked, three car garage. Numerous spectators from all over Goodland watched in awe as the house was carefully moved by Flint and Doyle, a structural moving company from Ft. Myers.

This cottage is historic. According to Gizzi, in 1910, a schooner was headed to Key West when it sank in a storm off the coast of Marco Island. Area crabbers salvaged the Dade County pine and built this “Doxsee Cottage,” the name being associated with the clam cannery that operated in the historic section of Marco Island. Captain Bill Collier, the inventor of a motorized clam dredging machine, once owned the home. Other owners included a charter boat captain/smuggler. The one bedroom, one bath, 1,400 square foot beauty was moved to Goodland in the 1960s. Not many changes have been made to the home. It is original, but for a windowed addition that was once a screened porch. During the time that Gizzi has owned the Doxsee Cottage, he has painted the interior and the exterior, added a new roof, and painstakingly removed each of the 38 windows, cleaning them and put them back in place.

So why did Gizzi decide to move his home? “Well, my art studio is on Pear Tree, and this shortens my commute to my shop. The more time I spent at my shop, the more I loved the lot.” Gizzi, a retired iron worker from Chicago, enjoys creating sculptures out of iron/metal scrap pieces. He retired ten years ago, but had been coming down to this area since the 1990s. “I met Merrill Allen, a local entertainer, at the Snook Inn in 1991, and we have been friends ever since.” Gizzi knew he wanted to retire here, and eight years ago, Merrill told him the Doxsee Cottage was for sale. He knew it was for him the minute he rounded the corner at Stan’s.

A look at the interior of Doxsee Cottage. | Submitted Photo

Moving the cottage has not been an easy process. He has worked for over a year with Flint and Doyle, consultants, architects, and the county. Once Flint and Doyle deemed the structure movable, a plan was drawn by the architect. Consultants helped with the inspections and the permitting process, which took 62 days. But this is just the beginning for Gizzi. Building the garage and cleaning up the Goodland Drive West lot tops his “To-Do” list. He hopes to have it all completed by Christmas.

“There is a beam under my home that everyone who has supported me has signed. The beam is symbolic of the support I have had from so many of my Goodland friends.”

Stacia was a stay at home mother for the past decade while volunteering as Barron Collier High School’s Lacrosse Team Mom and Swim Team Mom in Naples. Before relocating to Florida, Stacia graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She worked for the Office of State Courts Administrator as a Statistics Analyst and as one of the original Workflow Analysts, creating, the Missouri state courts automated case management system.

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