Sunday, January 16, 2022

Goodlanders Grab Garbage from Goodland Road

Four truckloads of it


Collier County has been busy preparing for the raising of Goodland Road. A couple of weeks ago they surveyed the road to determine the right of way and then cut back the mangroves accordingly. The cutback revealed a lot of trash, which had been accumulated over the years.

The Goodland Civic Association did something about it on October 27, sending a platoon of residents out to pick the stuff up. In about an hour and a half, four pickup truck loads were filled, and then loaded into a dumpster which the County had provided.

Goodland Road Cleanup Gang, organized by GCA Board Member, Shelly Colley, in black, third from left. Photo by Barry Gwinn

Pickup bed with some of the trash from Goodland Road. Photo by Shelly Colley

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