Sunday, December 5, 2021

Goodland Spirit

Welcome to Goodland!

Welcome to Goodland!

An upbeat feeling is stirring Goodland these days.  We know spring is coming, but this feeling is more than that.  It’s a bona fide spirit.

For starters, events like the Mullet Festival, Boat Parade, Pancake Breakfasts and Garage Sale have been quite successful. New and long-time residents have been working side-by-side contributing time, effort and money to support civic projects. We have had record-breaking participation and profits. We work well together.

Several folks have been hospitalized for one reason or another. One of those who came home after fourteen days had a casual luncheon for her neighbors who’d sent notes, flowers or other get-well greetings. Other residents go grocery shopping for older friends who have trouble getting out. Caring and giving are a big part of our village.

Recipes, magazines, and craft ideas are often exchanged when

Golf carts are the legal mode of conveyance.

Golf carts are the legal mode of conveyance.

the Goodland Gals get together. Artists touch up their newest creations and show them to friends. The Calusa Island Village women meet weekly for Chit, Chat and Chuckle.  Some bring knitting and others are there just to chat. Christina’s Yoga classes are bringing folks together at the Community Center. And stories of childhood antics and life’s experiences are told over dessert and coffee. We are sharing.

Folks walk to our restaurants – Stan’s, Little Bar, Marco Lodge and Marker 8.

Or since golf carts are legal in Goodland, some take them to breakfast, lunch or dinner and wave to neighbors along the way. At the Post Office, the artistic creations of residents who have painted on the inside walls provide a unique atmosphere for greeting old and new friends.

Fishing, boating, kayaking, birding and

Joanie Fuller

Joanie Fuller

watching dolphins are easy outdoor activities. Some enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the mangroves alone while others bring friends along. Both our marinas, and the new Collier County Boat Park, add opportunities for all our residents. We are an active village.

Each day in Goodland, there are opportunities to be a helpful neighbor, friend, or confidant. The people here are genuine and that is vital in our world today.

We are looking forward to the Easter Bunny riding through the village on the Saturday before Easter (March 27th) spreading good will and fun. He will toss decorative bags full of toys and candy to children and we will come together once again to celebrate the working, giving, sharing, and friendly spirit of Goodland.

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