Thursday, December 9, 2021

Goodland Road Update & Paradise Reopens

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Photo by Donna Fiala: Goodland Drive – Aerial View.

In my last column, I mentioned Goodland Road going from San Marco Road to the fun and happy community of Goodland this week is the follow up on where the Goodland Drive improvement project is at this time: 

*The objective of the project is to raise the road by an average of 2 feet to provide a safe and reliable route to and from Goodland, and to alleviate routine flooding on Goodland Drive. 

County Transportation Engineering has worked closely with The Conservancy Groups and South Florida Water Management District, and as a result, cross-drain pipes will be constructed as part of the project. These cross-drains will allow storm and tidal flows to pass from one side of the road to the other, thus minimizing impacts on the local population of mangrove trees.

South Florida Water Management District permit was approved in early 2020.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineering permit is expected around June/July of 2020 as well.

100% Construction plans are in the final stages of the review process. This will include a relocation of two sections of force main pipe belonging to the City of Marco Island. 

The goal is to start construction during the dry season, before the end of this year 2020, and complete construction in about 8 months.

The County’s approach during construction is to maintain alternating one-way traffic—one lane open to traffic on Goodland Drive during construction activities—to allow access to Goodland utilizing flagmen and temporary traffic signals. Attached is an aerial view of the project for reference purposes. This is a giant project and so important to the Goodland people and their homes and businesses. Luckily, the Marco Island City Council saw the wisdom in letting us “buy” the road back before it was too late. That’s another story for another time, or possibly never. 

*During the next few months, you need to get to Stan’s and The Little Bar, Paradise and every other fun place you can think of on Goodland. They’ll surely need the business after being closed for so long, and so do the employees. I’ll try to find you there!

For such a tiny Island, they sure have a lot going on for them! Their boat docks are great! The parks are really nice. Not sure how things are stacking up now, at the end of the Virus, but things seem to be opening up all over the area again.

*Speaking of Islands, let’s talk about Isles of Capri for a few minutes: Pelican Bend restaurant has opened back up for lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Sunday. I’m ready! I love the hush puppies at Pelican Bend! One day they played a little trick on me. When I walked in, they sighed as they said, “Oh, Donna, we’re out of Hush Puppies!” 

“Oh darn, I was so in the mood for them,” I said.

They all laughed and said, “Just wanted to see what you had to say!” 

Nice people, great service, wonderful food! Some like to sit out under the Chickee at the edge of the water. Really nice. 

From the look of things, not many people have gone back up north yet, nor have any left for vacation for the summer. Lots and lots of cars on the road, however. Some of the churches are open again, and hopefully, more will open shortly. Restaurants are gradually opening, but carefully, and taking “distancing” very seriously. Some haven’t opened for lunch yet, but they have opened for dinner. Inside, distancing is a rule, but outside distancing is easier. The restaurants in a lot of the areas are not full, so I guess some are still staying at home or have gone back up north with little fanfare. I hope the businesses will be able to recover. It’s been so tough for everyone, but it’s been a serious issue, and everyone had to be careful. 

I’m not a hoarder, so I never bought all of that stuff. I wonder how many will have years and years supply of toilet paper. Where do they keep it? That stuff is bulky! 

Whoever heard of electing a Republican Committeewoman? There is one and she is up for reelection! Jan Face-Glassman, Republican Committeewoman. She has done so much for the Republican Party to raise money with fundraisers. Every year she does the Yeoman work for the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner and never misses a meeting whether it is here or out of town for the Committee Representatives. I’ve worked with her many years and trust her implicitly. She’ll get my support.


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