Sunday, December 5, 2021

Goodland Post Office

Ava, Jane and Jack Cartwright. Photo by Joanie Fuller

Ava, Jane and Jack Cartwright. Photo by Joanie Fuller

Welcome to the Judith and Ellen Show!

“What’s that?” you ask.

It’s not a reality TV show and it’s not a rock ‘n roll show at one of our local establishments. Instead it’s something that goes on six days a week and it’s a real life show. One that helps people. All you need to enjoy it are your listening ears, your sparkling eyes and bright smile. Because you are at the Goodland Post Office.

Judith Pritchard is our PM or Postmaster and Ellen Hall is her PMR or Postmaster Relief! What a title, huh? Together they make life easy for those of us lucky enough to be residents of Goodland. They sell stamps, mail packages and give us our mail if we forget our box key. They counsel us – hear our problems and stories and become true friends.

For years our Post Office was in the hands of the Kirk family, the Goodland pioneers. Bud Kirk was the first postmaster and then his beloved wife Kappy took over

John 'the Greek', Natalie Strom and Judy Pritchard. Photo by Joanie Fuller

John ‘the Greek’, Natalie Strom and Judy Pritchard. Photo by Joanie Fuller

the job. She was postmaster for 35 years, lived to be in her 90’s and just recently passed away. Goodlanders loved and respected her. When she gave up her postmaster position she gave it to her daughter Tommie.

Seven years ago, Judith Pritchard was appointed our Postmaster. Judith wasn’t from this area so she wasn’t familiar with the tropics. Her first day was an eye opener. She told me, “Soon after I arrived, there was a sudden and very loud boom. It really startled me! I must have jumped a couple of feet!”

No worries. It was just a coconut from an overhanging tree hitting the roof. Such was Judith’s introduction to the tropics Goodland style.

Once settled in, she decided to decorate our vintage building which is all of about 1000 square feet. Being an artist, she encouraged residents to take a space and paint something. Several did. Even the Goodland kids put their little handprints on a low wall. Then Judith herself painted the interior working

Ellen Hall and Judith Pritchard. Photo by Joanie Fuller

Ellen Hall and Judith Pritchard. Photo by Joanie Fuller

space. So now our Post Office is partly an art show! And along with our art, we have a “book swap” area and a little flower garden out front which is lovingly cared for by John the Greek. The atmosphere is quaint and friendly.

Ellen began her stint at the Post Office a few months ago. She loves it. To be consistent I asked her if anything unusual happened to her on her first day. Nothing. But on her first day of being the official PMR alone she heard a big noise. She told me, “Part of the ceiling in the back caved in!”

What’s a girl to do? What’s with these ceiling and roof noises? Are they just coincidence or part of the necessary initiation into being a PM or a PMR in Goodland?

Whatever the answer, our Post Office is one of the best things going in our tiny village. Come see this great show yourself and, while you’re here, maybe you’ll buy some stamps and make a new friend!

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