Saturday, January 22, 2022

Goodland Apparel on Sale Now and the GCA Arts & Crafts Fair Rescheduled

Goodland Life

It seems like Goodlanders sure spend a lot of time fundraising for their little village. And with good reason. Goodland is a tiny historical village with a huge heart and a fairly expensive community civic center to boot. Pam DeSmet and Natalie Siavrakas have been tasked with selling the now famous Goodland T-Shirts, the most prized possession in my son’s closet. The purpose is to raise money for the many projects in the village as well as aid in improving and maintaining the Goodland Civic Center, especially urgent after Hurricane Irma’s wrath. With a new and improved logo, courtesy of Goodland’s Greatest Graphic Designer, Sherri Morrison, the shirts are looking better than ever!

You will be the talk of the town when you wear your Goodland t-shirt, especially when you wear it up north. People will say, “Goodland? Where is that?” The reply inevitably remains, “Oh, you know, the drinking village with the fishing problem?” Or, more likely, “Haven’t you ever been to Stan’s? Little Bar?” Well, now you are in luck. The t-shirt sales are going public, and you can pick up your shirt during Pam and Natalie’s apparel sale on Saturday, February 23rd from 10 AM until 4 PM at 1401 Angler Drive (Calusa Condominiums). Can’t make it? Come to the Goodland Civic Association’s Pancake Breakfast on March 16th and 17th, or call Pam, who has graciously allowed us to provide her telephone number (239-394-2612).

Not a t-shirt guy or gal? No problem. They have visors, ball caps, sunscreen long-sleeve shirts (men’s and women’s), and for the fishermen in your family, the coveted Columbia PFG embroidered with the Goodland logo is one-of-a-kind! All t-shirts are eight-color logos and are adorned with the American flag (Goodlanders are very patriotic). T-shirts come in pacific blue and ash gray. The hats and visors (also with the American flag) come in pacific blue, white, navy and kiwi colors. Sunscreen shirts are pacific blue and long sleeve, perfect for the upcoming mosquito season! Pam and Natalie took in to mind that many ladies like a v-neck option, so they obliged. The first order of apparel quickly sold out, so don’t miss this opportunity to purchase these fine Goodland items.

And don’t forget to visit Goodland on Sunday, February 24th for the 6th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair at the Margood Harbor Park, 321 Pear Tree. Shop over thirty vendors, listen to live music by six different bands, eat yummy food and tour Goodland on golf cart shuttles to and from local dining establishments. Your patronage at these local events helps support the village everyone loves to visit for great food, great music, great people and great fun! See you in Goodland!


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