Saturday, January 29, 2022

Good News All Around




First the good news… Wait a minute, there is no bad news, so I’ll just forge ahead!

• Some very good news for the folks that live along U.S.41 E, east of 951/Collier Boulevard.

The FDOT has informed the folks at Reflection Lakes and me, that during the summer of this year they will begin installing streets along this newly expanded road that was built without street lights or sidewalks. It becomes very dark and dangerous in the dark winter months. This will be a great relief to Reflection Lakes, Naples Reserve, Imperial Wilderness, Paradise Pointe, and the three Habitat for Humanity villages in that area. The FDOT had not planned the installation for a few more years, but they realized the safety factor and heard the cry of the people and responded. Whew! I want to thank them personally for listening and responding. Who knows, they just might have another surprise in store for us soon.

• While giving the FDOT kudos, they deserve another BIG one as well. You all know what I’m talking about when I mention the “washboard road,” Collier Boulevard from Fiddler’s Creek to the bridge, right? The state is going to begin addressing that washboard situation as well. I’m sure it won’t be done overnight because it won’t be as easy as installing lights. They think the problem is much deeper, if you get my drift. There will be engineering studies and design work, etc., before they actually get to the dirt on the ground issue. I’m sure it will be interesting watching the process. This has been especially dangerous for ambulances driving at a rapid pace with a very sick patient, who then has to adjust for that bumpy road with a person on a stretcher and hooked up to IVs. Heck, it’s tough for many other types of vehicles as well. This is another project they have decided to move up the calendar to begin the process this year.

• Well, for all who keep asking, Brooks Burgers has officially opened in the space that used to be occupied by a Chinese restaurant at the N.W. corner of Freedom Square, close to the Publix. It’s actually designed to look like you are sitting in an airplane. Really cute idea. The burgers were great, and oh the fries! Just wonderful.

• The Marco YMCA, in conjunction with The Family Church Food Pantry-Our Daily Bread, sponsors a free monthly luncheon for Our Friends Over 60 from Marco Island, Goodland, and the Isles of Capri, on the third Thursday of each month beginning at 11 AM and ending around 1 PM at the Family Church on San Marco Road, on Marco Island. They serve a wonderful lunch donated by area restaurants, including desserts, door prizes and a fun activity – and no sales. Both organizations have similar strategic plans to offer more programs for folks over 60 to get out of the house, meet each other, learn something new and have a wonderful lunch while doing it. Free transportation is also offered. If you are interested in joining them, please contact Nancy at 706-566-8532. This invitation is directly from Allyson Richards.

• The East Naples Civic Association has announced that Parkside Elementary School Principal, Tamie Stewart, has received the Citizen of the Year award for her outstanding leadership at this school. In the last six years she has been the force behind a reversal of teacher turnover rates which were 71% when she got there, to a rate now of about 10%. Parkside has also raised their grade level fromanFtoaB-atremendousaccomplishment! All this would not be possible had it not been for her caring, cheerful leadership, almost making the school sing with happiness. It’s amazing to see for yourself! She has even gotten the parents to organize a PTO and actively participate in the school. The East Naples Citizen of the Year is an award given to someone who has helped make East Naples a better place to live. Congratulations, Tamie Stewart! It’s well deserved.

• By the way, the ENCA was formed over 62 years ago, and was incorporated in 1950, making it the oldest civic association in Collier County. Their project now is to assist the Community Redevelopment Area in helping the Bayshore area recover from past problems, but will need all of your encouragement to succeed. We soon hope to see some middle income condos built for the teachers, firemen, deputies, nurses, x-ray techs, etc. This is the class of work force that does not qualify for low income affordable housing, but almost no middle income exist in that area. With the support of the other commissioners, we just might make that happen! Stay tuned for the results.

• Do you watch license plates? I love to see what states are represented here, but I’m always disappointed when I see a particularly interesting license plate and the license plate holder covers up the state name. Some are really nice looking, except I don’t know where they are from. I especially like the Ohio license plates with the farm scene, but I understand they don’t make them anymore as they were just a special edition. The weather has been beautiful for all of us and for our winter residents and guests.

• My cousin Hank Haller (the Polka Kind of Cleveland) and his wife Marianne are winter residents in town from Ohio and we had dinner on Marco tonight. It’s so good to see people from your home state, especially when they are your relatives. Their daughter Hilary also joined us. Gosh it’s lovely sitting outside and watching the boats go by and feeling the soft breezes gently blowing against your hair. So many of us are so busy we forget to stop and enjoy all the blessings this paradise offers us free of charge, except when we have a relative come to town, and then you realize what you’ve been missing.

• Texas Roadhouse is open for lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, but only for dinner the rest of the week. I guess they have learned that there’s so much business in this area that they MUST open up during the day, at least for two days a week. It’s a fun place and the food is good. It’s a little noisy if you want to discuss anything, but a fun place to enjoy, that’s for sure.

• Don’t forget, the results of the corridor study will be presented to all at the South Regional Library on February 21 from 6 to 8 PM. This should be interesting. From there we begin to form a plan. Also, the ENCA is beginning to form a committee to create their own Master Plan, which is something Golden Gate, Golden Gate Estates, Immokalee and Rural Lands have already done. We are way behind so we’ll have to catch up quickly! Is there anyone out there who would like to volunteer their time to help us or even coordinate the project with the county to move us forward? We need an enthusiastic person with lots of energy, some knowledge, and a good amount of time to help us move forward quickly. You could be a hero!

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