Tuesday, October 19, 2021


After nearly 20 bestselling Doc Ford novels, Randy Wayne White has become one of the most popular thriller-writers in the nation whose audience and reputation only continue to grow. Now in GONE (G. P. Putnam’s Sons; On Sale: September 4, 2012), White introduces readers to Hannah Smith, a strong, formidable woman, the descendant of generations of resourceful Florida women (with a touch of the wild side). While White has always created layered female supporting characters, Hannah is a perfect complement to Doc Ford. Set in the world fans have come to love so well, White once again captures the true spirit and essence of the land, its people, and its ecology—and introduces readers to an unforgettable new heroine.

Hannah lives on the Gulf Coast just across the bay from Sanibel Island and works as a fishing guide. She also inherited small investigation agency on the side, an endeavor she wasn’t planning on doing anything with. However, her ability to act under pressure during a storm impresses her wealthy client who realizes she is just the right person to track down his missing niece––a woman who stands to inherit a vast $90 million sum. Hannah must follows a trail of clues that lead her from the enclaves of the rich living on Captiva Island to the mangrove swamps of the Ten Thousand Islands and deep into the recesses of the Florida underbelly—places you don’t find on tourist maps.

Richly imagined and populated with a cast of original characters (along with some surprising cameos from Doc Ford and Tomlinson), Randy Wayne White can discuss at length the real-world inspirations he used to craft GONE as well as the colorful women he’s known who helped him create the character of Hannah and his own years spent captaining a charter-fishing boat.

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