Thursday, October 28, 2021

Goldenrod Sewer Construction

Bald Eagle Drive Traffic Impacts

BALD EAGLE DR is scheduled for Sewer Construction beginning on or shortly after Thursday, May 12th.  There will be three segments of construction: 1) Goldenrod to Yellowbird, 2) Yellowbird to Samoa, and 3) Goldenrod to Hartley.

The work zone will include both the Southbound lane and the Left Turn lane (where it exists).  ALL traffic will be restricted to ONE LANE alternating in both directions, using the northbound lane. Construction will begin at Goldenrod Ave (in the southbound lane) and proceed south to Yellowbird St. This will be followed by construction between Yellowbird and Samoa, and finally concluding with construction between Goldenrod and Hartley.

Access by local traffic to residences, side-streets and businesses will be maintained, except when sewer construction is directly in front of a driveway, where access will not be allowed until the excavation is closed.

NOTE: Access to the Marco Lake Dr & Front St business area will not be restricted from Bald Eagle; however, leaving the Marco Lake Dr & Front St business area to Bald Eagle may experience delays due to the one-lane traffic.

This Bald Eagle traffic pattern will occur during normal construction hours from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, and possibly on Saturdays. Bald Eagle two-way traffic will be restored each evening after conditions are safe. We expect this traffic condition to exist for several weeks.

The contractor will flag all traffic on Bald Eagle to One-Lane, alternating north and south around the construction zone. Delays on Bald Eagle should be expected especially between 10am and 2pm.

Message boards and warning signs will be posted shortly to give advanced notice to the public. All residents are encouraged to use alternate routes (see below) or allow extra time when using Bald Eagle Dr.

During Bald Eagle construction, the suggested alternate routes for “through-traffic” would be:


  • Elkcam Cir (or Hartley) to 6th Ave east, to Yellowbird to Bald Eagle.
  • Collier Blvd to San Marco Rd to Bald Eagle.


  • Yellowbird to 6th Ave west to Elkcam Cir, to Bald Eagle.
  • San Marco to Collier Blvd to Bald Eagle.


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