Sunday, January 16, 2022

Going Old School



By Pat Newman

Today I scanned my Facebook News feed and realized that my profile picture, place of residence, and posts from my 120 “friends” is exactly the same as it was a year ago. The problem is that I don’t live in the same place, tossed the dress I was wearing in the photo and am still seeing the same pics of cute puppies, abandoned dogs, prancing horses and words of encouragement and wisdom as 12 months ago.

I am so over Facebook. While I appreciate the updates from close friends on real life events like births, weddings, retirements and travels, I could care less about what you ate for breakfast, your “stripper” name, color of your aura, or your latest commentary on the state of politics. Have we become a nation of narcissists? I believe in keeping personal information private. Getting to meet people face-to face is so much better than Googling. Interviewing real people for news stories and chatting with customers in retail is interesting. Looking up their vital stats is boring. While social media is here to stay, I want to revive some of the old school ways of communicating, like talking on the phone, not texting, which is a major pain, and meeting up with friends in person. Cell phones are great for emergencies, but who needs to be attached to a device which beeps, pings and vibrates incessantly? OK. Some occupations demand constant contact, but for the rest of us, I can wait to hear about your reaction to New Direction’s loss of a member. I recently dumped my “smart phone” for a tiny phone with average intelligence and n d ftdc d trdc sd onsn feature on my old phone and texted as little as possible. If I forget my phone, I can still make it through the day. Get this—I have a “land line.” Yup, they still exist. If it rings, I answer it. Period. The other day, I dug out some “stationery,” that is paper that one writes on with a pen, and jotted a note to my son, including a check to be sure he opens the envelope. It felt good to practice my penmanship. I predict there will be a resurgence in letter writing; maybe people will even use wax seals! It’s cool to collect vinyl records; can stamp collecting be far behind? So what’s going to be the next big thing? I never saw Facebook coming. I doubt courier pigeons will deliver our messages, but I want to see something more personal than e-mail and quicker than the Pony Express. Any ideas? In the meantime, if you want to talk to me, call or write. Emails accepted, but please omit emoticons and shorthand. LOL.

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