Saturday, January 29, 2022

Going North Anyone?

Carolyn Roth with Lilly and Molly.

Carolyn Roth with Lilly and Molly.

Listening to Goodlanders make noises about going North for the summer, I queried friends as to how they travel and believe me, I heard some tall, but true tales.

Ruth’s grandson gave up his Spring break to drive down from Ohio, help her pack up and take her back for the summer. Ruth is a lucky grandmother and she has a cool grandson, don’t you think?

Sara Jane, a Goodland artist, and John drive to Charleston carrying Sara Jane’s artwork and supplies. When I asked her how long it takes them to get home, she laughed, “Well, it depends. We take our time because John stops at every single Beall’s along the way.” Ladies, does your husband shop on trips?

Carolyn and Richard drive to Michigan with their special passengers, Molly, the Yorkie and Lilly, the Himalayan. Molly travels first class on the armrest between the two front seats. Lilly is relegated to the back seat (coach section) and rides in her carrier. But when they check into a motel for the night, Lilly takes center stage. Out of her carrier now, she dashes under the bed and will not come out. Carolyn

Agatha and Denny with Hazel Geraniums. Photos by Joanie Fuller

Agatha and Denny with Hazel Geraniums. Photos by Joanie Fuller

explained to me, “We have had to take motel beds completely apart to find our Lilly.” Can you imagine?

I couldn’t believe what Denny and Agatha were carrying to Iowa in their truck — 48 geraniums and a gecko. That’s right — a gecko. Here’s the deal. Denny’s mother, Hazel, was a renowned florist and a floral convention named a geranium after her. When she passed, it became Denny and Agatha’s duty to care for these plants. And so, the 48 Hazels travel back and forth every year. When they arrived in Iowa last year, they discovered they had a stowaway amongst the flowers — a gecko. Let’s call him Henry. Agatha told me, “Henry played on the patio all summer and when we loaded the plants to come back to Goodland, he was right there.”

In fact, Agatha told me the morning of the trip he was in the driver’s seat, chest all puffed up as if to say, “Let’s get going!” Now he is ready to go North again.

That reminds me, it’s time to get ready for my own trip North. Before I leave, however, I will check my suitcase for geckos.

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