Saturday, October 16, 2021

“Go” Big Flag Phase 4 Campaign Begins



As the first gust of wind billowed the Big Flag at the Memorial Day Ceremony, Chairman, Dave Rice reminded all in attendance that, there was still unfinished business.

“The Big Flag committee, comprised of Dick Shanahan, Keith Dameron, Leo Sutera and  Lita Berger guaranteed our City Council and citizens, that no public funds would be used to support the project, now, tomorrow or forever”, stated Rice.

The “Go Big Flag” Phase 4 fund raising effort has officially begun under the direction of Fund Raising Chairman, Leo Sutera.  Detailed plans approved by the committee are as  follows:

The major funding sources will be donations from citizens, businesses, organizations and patriotic guests to Marco Island.  The objective of the GO BIG FLAG fund raising effort is to provide all funds necessary for maintenance, flag and light replacement, and the cost of electricity.  As stated at the ceremony by Rice, “Phase 4 has been planned to raise a “pile of money”, to be held by the City to insure that all future expenses would be covered.  The committee set the goal for 2012 at $20,000.00.

As of this writing, the total funds raised is approximately $30,500.00 and all expenses have been paid.  A balance of $8,250.00 remains and allocated to the “GO BIG FLAG” effort.  The sum of $11,750.00 is needed to be raised in the remainder of the 2012 year to meet the first year goal of $20,000.00.

Another source of funds are coming from the sale of the official big flag shirt.  Chairperson, Litha Berger, has obtained the cooperation of business owner, Janice Ayasun of Sunshine Stitchers, located in the Chamber of Commerce Plaza, to make these shirts available to the public and dedicate a portion of the sales to the “Go Big Flag” effort.

As instructed by Sutera, “Any member of the committee may be contacted by interested donor’s.  Committee members will take the prospective donor’s name and contact information and forward it to me for contact.  Checks are to be made payable to the City of Marco Island.  with the memo line noted, Donation, Go Big Flag.  All donations are tax deductible and are to be mailed to: City of Marco Island, Go Big Flag, 50 Bald Eagle Dr., Marco Island, Fl 34145.  Donor forms are available at City Hall or provided by Leo Sutera, to be accompanied with your check.”

Chairman Rice stated, “Periodic updates on the state of the “GO BIG FLAG” fundraising project will be made available to Marco Islanders in the media.  For 2013 and beyond replacement funds will raised, as warranted, to keep the initial annual fund of $20,000.00 in the City account”.

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