Saturday, October 23, 2021

Give it up for Goodland!

Born Free boat. Submitted photos

Born Free boat. Submitted photos

By Joanie Fuller

How do I describe what’s been going on in Goodland for the last few weeks? Many times you’ve heard the expression that “it takes a village.” That is definitely true here. Keep that in mind as I go along.

First we held our Boat Parade – a collaboration of Stan’s Idle Hour, Avow Hospice and Goodlanders. Beautiful weather inspired lots of boats to participate and the new parade route ended at our brand new Boat Park. All went really well.

I participated just as an observer. In fact I had invited someone from Naples to have lunch here that day not realizing that the Boat Parade would be happening. My guest had never been to Goodland and he just jumped right in buying raffle tickets and soaking up the great ambiance of Goodland. Fun. Fun. Fun.

A couple of weeks later we held our Spring Pancake Breakfast. This time we had international

The Seegers and their wedding guests.

The Seegers and their wedding guests.

flavor. Not in the pancakes you understand, but with the people who attended. We had people from six or seven countries who came, gobbled up pancakes and loved it.

How did that happen? Well, the Seegers family hosted their son’s wedding in Goodland that weekend and around 40 of the guests, friends of their son, were from all over the world. Great young people. One of them remarked to me,” I have never had pancakes and sausage together. In the Czech Republic, we don’t eat them together, but they are delicious.”

At one point Jim Seegers mentioned, “Most folks who come to the United States for the first time only see big cities, but these kids were plunked down in Goodland.” A perfect bit of Americana!!! Don’t you think?

The very next weekend Goodland hosted its 62nd Birthday Party at the Boat Park. Another beautiful day and lots of fun.

So much hard work

Painting fish.

Painting fish.

goes into something like this. Setting up tents, gathering all the supplies, getting volunteers and arranging all the events. We had boat rides, fishing contests, fish art, mullet toss, sand art, t-shirts, birthday cake, live music, hot dogs and hamburgers. You name it- we had it!

One of my favorite activities was the fish art. Kids loved putting different colors of paint on real, but not living, fish of all kinds- grunts, flounder, jacks, and ladyfish. Then they pressed rice paper on top of the fish. Boom! They have a unique fish painting. Hang it up to dry and you are good to go. Yeah!!!

Goodland is on the map! Visitors from all over the world, Naples, Marco Island and surrounds have enjoyed festivities here. I am so proud of her. Goodland, that is.

Joanie Fuller is the President of the Goodland Civic Association. She and her husband of 47 years, David Fuller, are residents of Goodland.


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