Saturday, December 4, 2021

Gift-Giving for the Grands

Ask the Life Coach


Dear Coach, 

Because of the pandemic and wanting to stay safe at home, I won’t be with my family this year. I’ve not experienced being away before and I’m wondering what to do about gifts. I have adult children, older grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren. Any suggestions? 


Frustrated Santa



Dear Santa, 

Giftgiving is unique to every family and I hesitate to make suggestions for your exact situation. The best I can do is share what I’m doing—it’s also my first Christmas away from family.  

My husband and I have a blended family which includes six children (three each), nineteen grandchildren (eight plus eleven), and eight great grands.  

We usually give one gift to each adult plus a check. This year, we’re eliminating the wrapped gifts to our adult children and adult grandchildren and just giving them money, which is always appreciated. Teenage grands are getting one gift plus money. Even if you can only afford a small monetary gift, it’s okay. One of my favorite Christmas memories is receiving two, crisp, one-dollar bills from my Uncle Paul every year.  

Little grands (I have four—ages 5-8) are receiving the usual toys. I’ve ordered them from Amazon and had them shipped directly to their parents who will wrap themthe same with the one gift for the teens.  

The great grands are getting books, on which I’m writing a personal message, wrapping, and sending to their grandmothers to distribute.  

Actually, it’s the easiest gift-giving year ever. I’d rather be with them, of course, and do all the usual wrapping and personal touches, but I’m telling myself that this is just one Christmas out of many in the future.  

We will Zoom with family groups and talk on the phone. I’ve decorated our homescaling it down someeven though we have very few, if any, visitors. The decorations are for us to enjoy. 

I hope this helps you as you make decisions on gift-giving and creating new traditions. Just remind yourself that this too will pass and next year your family will be together again.



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