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Getting Personal With Your S.W.O.T. Analysis – Part 3

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Images provided by William D. Danko and Richard J. Van Ness

Images provided by William D. Danko and Richard J. Van Ness

Metaphorically, one might ask, what is that knocking sound? Could it be opportunity? Maybe. Some will investigate the possibility and others will ignore the potential of favorable outcomes. 

Astute individuals will recognize and capitalize on opportunities. Others, over time, may have regrets about missing advancement possibilities. 

Let’s consider a few opportunities that many organizations offer. Of course, the question is, do you espouse these offerings? 

Opportunities Within Your Company

 (Some examples) 

  • You have training opportunities provided by your company. 
  • You have company support to stay technologically current. 
  • You attend industry-related conferences with full company support. 
  • You are supported by your company to stay informed about ongoing current events, as related to your industry and the economy. 

Opportunities Outside of Your Company

(Some examples) 

  • You are in a growing industry. 
  • You are a candidate for a headhunter search. 
  • You have meaningful contacts within your industry who are supportive of you. 
  • You give presentations at industry conferences. 

Consider each of the listed examples of opportunities. Sometimes, open gateways are hiding in plain sight.  

Organizations vary in regard to providing employees with benefits and opportunities. Be well aware of all offerings and capitalize on those that offer personal and professional development. Remember, it is never wrong to consider the question, “What’s in it for me?” Of course, the best scenario is usually one that offers benefits to both employer and employee, a win/win indeed. 

Let’s look at a vignette of a person who has no college degree, but is very perceptive and most willing to embrace the recognized opportunity. 

We interviewed Enrique, a Mexican immigrant. He provides a good example of how to find an opportunity and achieve the dream of financial freedom through hard work. Enrique has no formal education, but he does have perfect musical pitch. He is a piano tuner and a commissioned salesman for a piano company. He is able to expertly tune clients’ pianos and then, in the privacy of their homes, engage them in a conversation about their piano needs. Enrique never took a marketing course, but he understands that focusing on the needs of his customers is a sure way to wealth. He is held in high regard by his employer and participates in all technical product training programs. Enrique stays current with industry trends and occasionally presents sales methods at conferences. He is serious about wealth building and has taken his stream of commissions from the sales and invested in real estate. Currently, his net worth is $3 million. His last words in our interview: “America is the land of opportunity. If an uneducated immigrant can make it here, anyone can. God bless America!” 

So yes, opportunities must first be recognized and then assessed before any action is taken. But, as most people can attest, there is much to be said about opportunity lost and what might have been. Remember, it is possible to diminish regrets by being vigilant and when appropriate capitalizing on opportunities 

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