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C. Scott Campbell 

Getting 2 Great (G2G) refers to a very important company – wide cultural transformation effort to fulfill our mission of enabling America’s best local health care.

As the CEO of Physicians Regional Healthcare System—Collier Boulevard, the implementation of this essential patient-focused program is my highest priority. At its core, G2G is about six key pillars that set a foundation for excellence: People, Service, Quality, Innovation, Finance, and Growth. Additionally, we have three guiding principles which steer our behavior:

1. We are servant leaders—being a servant leader means that in every role, we serve.

2. We do the right thing—we are all empowered and expected to do the right things in every interaction.

3. We never settle—we are all expected to be high performers.

At Physicians Regional Healthcare System—Collier Boulevard, G2G is about putting the patient at the center of everything we do. It is about following a framework for achieving excellence in the care of the patient and the experience we provide. Our Human Capital is our greatest asset—this is the core of our excellence. Each of our associates is trained in customer service principles to ensure patient satisfaction at every encounter. A key educational block is our G2G/ AIDET program. AIDET is defined as follows:

ACKNOWLEDGE: Greeting people with a smile, maintaining appropriate eye contact, and demonstrating a warm, receptive attitude to everyone we encounter.

INTRODUCE: Offering our names, our role in the patient’s care, and stating our ability and desire to help.

DURATION: An explanation of how long a procedure will take, how long the patient may have to wait or how long it will take to get a patient to their destination.

EXPLANATION: Providing information about a test or procedure, why it is being performed, who will perform it, pain or discomfort expectations and what will happen afterward. This step also provides an opportunity to answer questions the patient or family member might have

THANK YOU: Offering a sincere expression of thanks to the patient or visitor for choosing our hospital and for trusting us to provide their care.

More than anything, AIDET is a guide for how we respectfully interact with our patients. AIDET training, which began in the second quarter of 2011, is a requisite part of every employee’s education at Physicians Regional Healthcare System— Collier Boulevard.

In the words of Brad Pollins, System Director for Performance Improvement, “I have worked with many organizations across a variety of industries in my 25 years as a change agent. The culture at Physicians Regional Healthcare System is unlike any I have ever experienced. I felt the difference immediately by the way I was greeted, treated, and involved. This organization truly values their patients and employees and has developed a foundation for greatness.”

G2G, and specifically AIDET training, represents our conscious choice to pursue greatness in all that we do. At Physicians Regional Healthcare System—Collier Boulevard, we understand that our associates, physicians, volunteers, and leaders are what most impact the care of the patient. After all, it’s our people who drive our success through care, compassion, and putting our patients first.

C. Scott Campbell is CEO, Physicians Regional Healthcare System-Collier Boulevard. You may reach him by contacting 

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