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C. Scott Campbell 


With this column, I continue the discussion on the “Getting 2 Great” cultural transformation effort at Physicians Regional Healthcare System. In brief, Getting 2 Great is our framework for achieving excellence in people, service, quality, innovation, finance, and growth. Perhaps most important, Getting 2 Great is our compass for delivering exceptional patient-centered care.

At Physicians Regional Medical Center-Collier Boulevard, we are very proud to have one of the top-rated Emergency Departments in the nation according to Press Ganey, our industry’s recognized leader in health care performance improvement. Furthermore, Press Ganey has placed Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard’s Emergency Department in the top decile for both “likelihood to recommend” and “providing a great patient experience.”

In the words of Brad Pollins, System Director of Performance Improvement, “These high ratings are a function of disciplined, dedicated, and highly engaged Emergency Department leadership and staff responding to the core principles of Getting 2 Great. This once again demonstrates that our people are our greatest asset.”

The Emergency Department personnel at our Collier Campus work in a fast-paced and very demanding environment to care for a wide variety of patient needs and backgrounds. Subsequently, this requires our staff to be competent, nimble, and compassionate—all key elements of being a champion of our Getting 2 Great program.

One particular story comes to mind as an extraordinary example of our Getting 2 Great mission.

In April 2012, a husband and wife, vacationing in Southwest Florida from Europe, arrived at the Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard Emergency Department. The wife reported chest pains and our medical team went to work on assessing and treating the wife’s condition. She would eventually be admitted to the ICU.

One of our staff members, Unit Clerk Kathy Constantineau, took the initiative to act in an extraordinary manner—actions memorable to her co-workers, the husband and wife, and their son. You see, the son and his family, also visiting from Europe, travelled from Miami to be with his mom. To relieve the burden that was clearly on the son’s shoulders, Kathy quietly, and without fanfare, took ownership of the situation.

Kathy scheduled transportation for the family back to Miami, arranged for hotel accommodations, assisted with flight reservations, and made sure the parents’ luggage was dropped off in the patient’s room. Kathy’s selfless behavior enabled the clinical staff to focus on the medical aspects of the wife’s condition. According to Ed Woodman, a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department, “Kathy went above and beyond her duties to provide the best possible experience for this family.”

According to the Todd Gibson, Director of Emergency Department at Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard, “the people who work here make a conscious effort to connect with each and every patient and family member on a personal level.”

This story, and Kathy Constantineau’s commendable efforts, represents just one example of how our staff has embraced the spirit of Getting 2 Great through our beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

We stand ready to provide this same personal attention to all Marco Island residents when called upon for service.

C. Scott Campbell is CEO, Physicians Regional Healthcare System-Collier Boulevard. You may reach him by contacting 

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