Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Expanded Recycling Program Now In Local Post Offices

Convert your old electronic gadgets to cash!  Going green just got easier, and even profitable, thanks to the initiatives of the U.S. Postal Service. If you have old cellphones, PDAs, digital cameras or any other electronic devices lying around and gathering dust, don’t just toss them out. Give the U.S. Postal Service a chance to reclaim them back for a greener tomorrow.

USPS is working with MaxBack, an electronics recycling company, as a partner in an effort to reduce the problem of e-waste and landfills. USPS has now made the recycling program available at 3,100 retail locations across the United States. For customers it is a double-headed benefit as they can now reduce the electronic clutter around the house and also earn some cash.

Visit www.usps.com/ship/recycle-through-usps.htm and follow four easy steps to find out how much your old cell phone or items are worth.  You will receive an instant quote on the value of your item.  If the value is over $5.00, MaxBack will provide a pre-paid shipping label or shipping kit for its return.  Even if your old electronic device isn’t worth a dime, free recycling mail-back envelopes are available at participating USPS locations.  Used ink jet cartridges may also be sent in these recycling mail-back envelopes.

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