Thursday, December 9, 2021

Gene D’Onofrio Awarded Rotary Vocational Service Award


Submitted Photo | Gene D’Onofrio.

The Rotary Club of Marco Island Noontime honors Gene D’Onofrio with Rotary’s Vocational Service Award. Rotary’s commitment to vocational service is built on the highest ethical standards in business and professions. Throughout the world, Rotary is admired for its vocational service and for the time-honored values it instills in all business relationships. Rotarians contribute mightily to the world when they conduct their work with integrity and always adhere to the Four-Way Test. Gene D’Onofrio exemplifies not only the highest level of integrity in his business and volunteer and personal life, but he also is the supreme example of “Service Above Self” in the Community at large. 

Gene has abundantly shared his knowledge and skills as a Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer/Accountant serving as the Rotary Club’s Treasurer. He goes above and beyond to fulfill all the Duties and Responsibilities of the Treasurer. In addition, Gene has been a positive, willing, and enthusiastic contributing member of the Board of Directors and Officers, Flags for Heroes Team, Fund Raising Team, Grants Co-Chair, Membership Team, Screenings & Allocations Committee, and Spirit Awards Team. Gene has also shared his Financial Expertise with numerous other community organizations including the YMCA and the Marco Island Historical Society. 

Gene is a shining example of Service Above Self in the Community at large and fulfills every aspect of Rotary International’s Vocational Service ideals. It is with great love and pride that the Rotary Club of Marco Island Noontime honors Gene D’Onofrio with the Rotary Club of Marco Island Noontime Vocational Award.  



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