Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Garden Club Members Draw Inspiration from the Art of Ikebana

Photos by Maria Lamb
| Ikebana floral arrangement demonstration class.

Minimalism in Ikebana floral arrangement has its ancient roots in 7th Century Buddhism in Japan.

Members of the Calusa Garden Club (CGC) are working really hard to get ready for their March Standard Flower Show “Art, Flowers and Anniversaries.” This theme was chosen to recognize their partnership with Marco Island Center for the Arts, which has provided the venue of the Flower Show for many years. The Marco Island Center for the Arts just celebrated its 50th anniversary and National Garden Clubs will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary. 

For the weekend of March 7th & 8th, members of CGC are excited to showcase their floral designs as well as their gardeners’ botanical exhibits at their Annual Standard Flower Show at the Marco Island Center for the Arts. 

CGC will also showcase the gardening knowledge of the Junior Gardeners from Tommie Barfield Elementary School. They have added something new—Botanical Arts and Craft. They will have fascinators, invitations and boutonnieres and a juried photography exhibit.

The “best” will be evaluated by a panel of Flower Show Judges and they’ve spent years taking a series of courses on plant culture; the Principles of Design as they relate to the Floral Designs and the study of Horticulture.

It is not easy to be a DESIGNER for a Flower Show. Designers who have entered this show have practiced each design many times to get it “perfect” for Flower Show day. The flowers and containers must show perfectly. The horticulture exhibitors have been growing their plants for several months or even years; they are watered, fed and groomed to be the “best.”

The purposes of a Standard Flower Show are to educate club members and the viewing public, to stimulate interest in horticulture and floral design, to provide an outlet for creative expression, and to share with the community what a Standard Flower Show is all about.

On February 7th, many members of the Calusa Garden Club took a much-needed break and attended the Naples International Ikebana Exhibit at the Naples Botanical Garden. The floral displays were subtle, simple, delicate, refined and filled with symbolism.

Ikebana is all about creating striking displays with the less-is-more philosophy. The art of Ikebana has busted itself out of the temples of Japan and into public places worldwide.

The displays at the Naples Ikebana Exhibit looked so effortless and just as in a Standard Flower Show display, designers took many years of practice and patience. Ikebana’s refined principles were handed down from masters through centuries of study and practice. 

So, how does Ikebana Exhibit compare to the Standard Flower Show? Both philosophies are driven by discipline and rules with the final product—a display of beauty and perfection. 

Please Save the Date: March 7th & 8th, Calusa Garden Club’s Standard Flower Show with a theme of Art, Flowers and Anniversaries. Free & Open to the Public, 10 AM – 4 PM. Marco Island Center for the Arts, 1010 Winterberry Drive.

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