Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Garden Ambassadors Recognized

In its 10 years of operation, Naples Botanical Garden has benefitted immensely from the help of individuals dedicated to furthering the organization’s mission. Many such individuals, such as Garden Board Member Judy Sproul and longtime Volunteer Betty Plum, give of their time, expertise and resources in support of the Garden without expecting anything in return.

Recently, the Florida Association of Museums took notice of their work, awarding each of them with the 2019 Outstanding Trustee and 2019 Outstanding Volunteer award, respectively. Judy Sproul has served on its Board of Directors since 2001, including her invaluable role guiding critical construction projects prior to and since the Garden’s opening to the public a decade ago. Sproul also has a heart for the next generation of botanical and nonprofit professionals, as evidenced from her proposing and funding an internship at the Garden.

Betty Plum has served the Garden as a volunteer for 14 years, clocking more than 4,000 hours during that time frame. A regular presence every Tuesday, Plum has created a volunteer horticulture team that staff rely on year-round. This was especially true in September 2017, when Plum worked alongside staff members to help the Garden reopen following Hurricane Irma.

Sproul and Plum’s awards were presented at the Orlando Museum of Art during the Florida Association of Museums Annual Conference.

For more information about the Naples Botanical Garden, please visit naplesgarden.org/media, or contact info@naplesgarden.org or 239-643-7275. 

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