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GailArtist’s Bio

Gail Risner was born in South Dakota about an hour south of Mt Rushmore and has subsequently lived in Bardstown KY, Indianapolis, IN, San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL and for the last 10 years in Naples, FL. She attended San Jose State University and graduated with a BFA in Drawing from Northern Illinois University.

Gail’s interest in art began in grade school when she began painting portraits of her classmates and other imaginary characters. The vibrant and colorful art scene in California was an important artistic influence and encouraged her love of color and expressive brushwork.

While living in the Chicago area, she had a painting business specializing in commercial and residential murals, decorative painting, pet portraits, house portraits, and worked extensively with interior design studios.

Plein air painting is now one of her main artistic pursuits, along with 6”x6” daily paintings she sells on You can see a selection of other paintings on her website Gail displays and sells her work at the Dennison Moran Gallery on Fifth Avenue in Naples, FL.

To purchase Gail’s work, please take a business card and contact the artist directly.

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