Sunday, January 16, 2022

FWC Law Enforcement

Officer Reams coordinated FWC Officers and Officers from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for a special detail to focus on enforcement of Migratory Bird hunting regulations.  The detail covered several locations throughout Collier County, simultaneously, in order to consistently conduct inspections countywide.  Also, plain clothed Officers were utilized to monitor the waters in order to witness violations firsthand.  The Officers were successful in their enforcement and were able to enforce multiple regulation violations that ranged from infractions to misdemeanors.

Officer Barringer responded to a call involving a whitetail deer that was stuck inside a swimming pool in the Golden Gate Estates area.  Once at the scene, Officer Barringer found a mature whitetail doe swimming around in a pool trying to find an escape.  Officer Barringer acted quickly and pulled the deer out of the water.  The deer was exhausted, but returned to the nearby woods safely.

Investigator Van Trees observed a vehicle loaded with monofilament entangling net violate multiple traffic laws.  After conducting a vehicle stop, the driver gave a false name to Investigator Van Trees.  Lieutenant Walsh and Officer Lugg arrived to assist.  The driver was personally known to the Investigator for prior resource arrests.  After confirming the subject’s identity, it was confirmed that his driver’s license was suspended and he had previous convictions as a felony habitual offender.  The driver was arrested for Driving While License Suspended and booked into the Naples Jail.

Investigator O’Horo observed large piles of ceramic tile dumped in a wooded area off of a main road in Naples.  Shortly thereafter, a commercial vehicle passed Investigator O’Horo loaded with the same kind of tile.  Investigator O’Horo followed the vehicle to the same location of the other piles.  After making contact with the driver, an interview resulted in a confession that the driver was dumping the waste from a nearby jobsite in order to save money.  Lieutenant Williams and Investigator Van Trees arrived to assist at the scene and the subject was arrested for Felony Dumping and booked into the Naples Jail.

Investigators O’Horo, Van Trees and Lieutenant Walsh responded to a burglary of a vessel at Collier-Seminole State Park.  A park ranger observed suspicious activity and gave a description of the subject.  Upon arriving on scene, the Officers identified the subject and took him into custody.  The subject was in possession of several stolen items identified by the victims.  A subsequent inspection of the individual’s campsite resulted in the Officers finding the remaining stolen items.  The subject was arrested and booked into the Naples Jail.


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