Sunday, November 28, 2021

FWC Law Enforcement Report Collier 



While at a boat ramp in Naples, Investigator White saw an individual nearly sink his vehicle in the water when he pulled in too far to retrieve his vessel. Investigator White helped guide him through retrieving his vessel. The individual then got into his boat and Investigator White observed numerous signs of impairment. The individual loaded his boat and pulled his truck into a parking space. Lieutenant Mahoney and Officers Curbelo, Johnson and Osorio-Borja arrived to assist. The individual was asked to perform field sobriety tasks of which he performed poorly. He was arrested for DUI/BUI. The individual also provided a breath alcohol sample of 0.265.

FWC officers stopped a vehicle for speeding while conducting speed enforcement in a panther zone during April of this year. After noticing signs of impairment from the driver, they conducted an investigation and arrested the driver for DUI. The case recently went to trial, where Officers Despian, Johnson and Kleis spent two days testifying in front of a jury. The jury subsequently found the defendant guilty of DUI. This was the defendant’s second DUI charge and he was sentenced accordingly.

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